100percent new dating site pros and cons of dating a younger guy

100percent  new dating site

I just feel that if I was pretty, everything would be so much easier. I know that there's not much I can do about it so I'll just have to accept myself the way I am. I have never had a girlfriend and don't want to have kids.

I really don't care if I find a girlfriend either. Drugs like LSD and shrooms help me not give any *****.

I am loud and fun to be around only when I'm with my closest friends (which I is a few ppl).

I use to cry myself to sleep and be all happy in front of others. And there are the "good days" when I think I'm not that bad.

I kinda feel like I don't have the right to not like the way somebody looks because I am so ugly myself. My self- confidence is really low because the way I look.

But I'm always shy and quiet around ppl I've just met or don't know well.

That is the only good thing about me being ugly - it made me more simphatetic towards others. I've even noticed that I developed some behaviours like covering my face with hair or laughing without showing teeth.But there is much less of the "good days" and that mood often doesn't last long. When I do feel happy and good about myself I still feel a bit tense and just waiting for the bad feelings to come back. It's funny when I say it because I just can't be bother to care anymore, even though I do. I like being alone and I will be alone my whole life. I just wanted to say that, I don't give a **** what anyone looks like. Anyone that should matter to you, shouldn't give a **** what you look like.

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