11 most obscure dating sites pc dating sim

11 most obscure dating sites

People can also specify if they're looking for a date or a friend.

And they can choose an array of interests, including "loud keyboards," "the illusion of 'money,'" and "This is outrageous, the earth is not only flat but void of others lol." When you click "People" at the top, you can browse through all of the site's members with the option to filter by location, gender, or interest.

These are 11 bizzare matchmaking services out there.

One of the more obscure ones is Awake Dating, a new site exclusively for conspiracy theorists.

Instead of using the term "conspiracy theorist," which is often "employed to discredit and ridicule," Fidden prefers the term "early adopter of inconvenient truths." "an awake partner to share your interests with — That is a true blessing.

So Awake Dating was born as a premium platform for discussion, networking, and meeting others who share their interests and view of 'reality.'"The beta version of Awake Dating launched on April 13, followed by a series of short You Tube ads.

Thanks to highly-tailored matchmaking sites, singles can now find exactly what they're looking for, even if it's culturally taboo.

Some users dabble, others manhunt, but online dating sites result in a whole lotta love and sex.

Hope you will find it pleasant to work with." Members can personalize their backgrounds, so I chose monkeys.

One member writes that they are interested in "human beings who 'get it.'" Another writes, " By the end of May, Fidden plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign, which will allow members to continue using Awake Dating for free.

The one below features a series of people in tinfoil hats holding hands.

"If you thought it was impossible to meet someone, awake dot dating is here for you," a voice sings in a jingle.

It's for people who have "woken" (not to be confused with "woke," which usually describes people who are aware of social justice issues).

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Those who are "awake" believe that the world's leaders or other secretive organizations are responsible for what happens in the world, according to Jarrod Fidden, the site's COO.

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