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In this post, my goal is to help you channel that panic into productivity. Anyone who has ever run a website can relate with the instantaneous wave of panic such a sight is met with. Here are the detailed steps for accessing the log errors: If it’s a issue and you recently edited your file, revert back to the pre-edit or default state. This often allows you to immediately diagnose the source of your white screen issue.

The vast majority of White Screen of Death cases that I’ve seen come into our help desk end up being plugin related.If you were working with a specific plugin right before the White Screen of Death appeared, it is likely that isolating the issue will be easy for you. More often than not, these steps will help you isolate and even solve the issue. Something is wrong with your site, and more than likely you possess the power to identify and possibly even fix it. I will give you a few easy troubleshooting steps that you can take immediately.Troubleshooting step: Deactivate the plugin you were just working with. If that plugin was indeed the issue, then your site should come right back up. At that point, you can then figure out what the issue with the plugin might be: The other usual suspect when it comes to White Screen of Death cases is edits to the file.

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Troubleshooting step: Revert to the pre-edit (or original) file. On a related note, here is a word to the wise regarding editing your file …

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