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Accommodating cultural diversity

Community and disability services organisations need to consider the diversity of their clients’ values, beliefs and cultural expectations.To work effectively with culturally diverse clients, you will need knowledge and skills.It has become an important task for employees in these organisations to understand the cultural factors that influence their work relationships and practices, and the delivery of a culturally appropriate service.This course will assist you to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients from different backgrounds.You will need to: (Adapted from Pine et al 1990) Specific needs that may need to be addressed include: Community and disability services workers need to be alert to the possible differences in religious ritual and the impact of a person’s religious practice on their beliefs and value system.Dominant religion may regard other religions as cults rather than official religions however people of any religion have a right to respect.

For example, a single woman may refuse to be alone in an office with a male, or a male may be uncomfortable with being interviewed by a pregnant women.

Cultural competence, in brief, is the ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures.

It is important to consider cultural views of homosexuality, transgender and non-traditional partnerships.

It is unrealistic to expect community and disability services workers to know the cultural practices of every ethnic and cultural group in Queensland.

Acknowledgement of possible differences in practice, and seeking clarification before taking action, are keys to overcoming this problem.

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In the last two decades, the number of workers and clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds has increased dramatically in community and disability services organisations.

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