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) I was delighted to stumble upon something that was different from all the usual stuff.

And certainly, it didn’t take very long for me to become intrigued.

One day, while seeking to view photos of my cousin’s vacation posted to a certain social networking site, I was confronted instead with the opportunity to troll for sexless love.

It was one of those search engine optimization tricks that seek to squeeze every last drop of potential marketing even out of a misspelling, like rendering even a pig’s nasty parts into some kind of fried meat.

Apparently, there has even been an asexual pride parade, held by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, and a documentary produced on the subject, Asexuality: the Making of a Movement.

In the interest of total honesty, I have to confess to that I’m not sure I’ve ever fully believed in asexuality: to me, it seemed about as feasible as Santa Claus (who, ironically, I actually prefer to think of as asexual).

But according to much of the information out there about asexuality, such thinking is presumptuous and erroneous.I’d seen a few of those domains before, even visited a few in my overzealous clicking.On a handful of rare occasions, the misspelled sites turned out to be more interesting than the originals. The site in question is called Acebook, and it is described as “a unique dating and social networking site for asexual people.” Having wasted a bit too much time on the site I’d originally sought (do I need to even mention it by name?While as dating sites go, Acebook appears to be fairly standard in its features, profiles, and protocols, its particular demographic was a pure mystery to me.I was vaguely familiar with asexuality as a sexual non-preference, but I soon became aware of the scope of my ignorance.

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According to an educational link provided on a Web site called Asexual Explorations, asexuality is an intrinsic lack of interest in sex, distinct from celibacy, which is a choice.

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