Aleksandar jaksic fdating

Aleksandar jaksic fdating

A suburb of Rijeka, the settlement is currently located within the township of Viškovo. The monument, dedicated on 27 July 1987, also notes that it is on the site of where "7 Patriots Whose Names Are Unkown" were executed. The town also contains a plaque placed on a wall underneath a house located on the Opatija-Pula Road where Ljubo Mrakovi (1919-1944) was born. A hamlet in the interior near Rijeka, it has a monument to those Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed diuring the War. The work Grobinština contains the following names and information of Partisans killed during the War: Bura, Ivan 1913-1943 Colnar, Cvetko 1917-1943 Colnar, Viktor 1905-1942 Hlaa, Ivan 1916-1943 Hlaa, Stjepan 1925-1944 Kli, Mate 1917-? - 1944 Pu Nikola 1887-1944 Rumac Ivan 1866-1945 Škalamera Anica 1920-1944 Šupljina Amelija 1922-1944 Vidovi Karlo 1911-1944 (Gubici now classifies him as a Partisan) iganto Ivan 1900-1944 iganto Jelka 1938-1945 ignato Petar 1915-1944 (Gubici now classifies him as a Partisan) Gubici further lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from Poljane: Anii Anton 1897-? A village located in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and near Jelenje.

The World War II monument dates from 1957 and consists of a white limestone pillar on which are placed the dates "1941 1945." A sloping black marble slab contains the names of those killed during the War together with birth and death dates. Moscenicka_Draga-Monument_to_Landing_of_Liberation_For(1) Moscenicka_Draga-Monument_to_Landing_of_Liberation_Forces Moscenicka_Draga-Plaque_Commemorating_Ljubo_Mrakovcic Moscenicka_Draga-Plaque_Commemorating_Ljubo_Mrakovcic-Ge Moscenicka_Draga-World_War_II_Monument Moscenicka_Draga-World_War_II_Monument-General_View The monument lists the names of the following Partisans killed during the War (the dates of birth and death are found in Gubici): Armanda Vinko 1896-1944 Bradii Dušan 1921-1944 Bradii Ivan 1911-? (Gubici gives his personal name as Ivan) In addition, Gubici lists Josip Rubini (? The plaque notes that Mrakovi served as the first Secretary of the KPH for the Liburnian area (generally covering the Opatija Riviera) established in 1944. The monument dates from 1953 and lists the following names: Cuculi, Dragutin Cuculi, Miha Cuculi, Pavao Cuculi, Rumano Mieti, Ivan Mieti, Josip Mieti, Ludvik Mieti, Luka Mieti, Pavao Mieti, Vitomir PODRAVNJ/PODUNI. The main monument consists of a semircle made of white limestone with a pillar in the middle topped by a Partisan with a rifle in one hand and a grenade in another. The work Grobinština contains the following names and information of Partisans killed during the War: Mieti, Branko 1915-1943 Mieti, Ivan 1926-1943 Mieti, Josip 1924-1943 Mieti, Stanko 1923-1943 Peri, Smiljan 1926-1943 The same work also lists the following Victim of Fascist Terror killed during the War: Mieti, Josip 1915-?

Maršani, Stanko 1930-1942 The same work also lists the following person as a Victim of War: Mieti, Bara 1890-1945 MATULJI. -1941 (Švob notes that she was pregnant when killed) argonja, Mila 1903-1942 Fuak, Rajmond 1904-1941 Grahovac, Josip 1903-1941 The work further lists the following Victims of War from the settlement: Blai, Milica 1922-1943 argonja, Nevenka 1922-1945 Fuak, Valentin 1885-1943 PERMANI. The main Partisan monument is located on an intersection along the road and consists of a wall in which is inserted a white marble plaque which lists the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War. The inner wall is lined with the individual white blocks bearing the names of those killed.

The monument lists the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War with their birth and death dates. Matulji-Cemetary-Graves_of_Partisans_Killed_in_World_War Matulji-Cemetary-Graves_of_Partisans_Killed_in_WWII. Matulji-Cemetary-Graves_of_Partisans_Killed_in_WWII_inscription Matulji-World_War_II_Monument-Detail_I Matulji-World_War_II_Monument-Detail_II Matulji-World_War_II_Monument-General_View The information for the Partisans is as follows: Babi Ivan 1883-1943 Bai Franjo 1909-1943 Dubravi Anton 1905-1943 Duki Mirko 1925-1944 Frlan Milan 1910-1943 Frlan Ivan 1902-1944 Frlan Franjo 1927-1943 (according to Gubici, he died in 1944) Grl Josip 1920-1943 (according to Gubici, his surname is Grlj) Kinkela Milan 1908-1944 Kinkela Vjekoslav 1921-1944 Mandi Drago 1904-1944 Milih Stanko 1912-1943 Rizzo Mihajlo 1925-1944 (note - an ethnic Italian) Rui Franjo 1911-1943 Sini Franjo 1909-1943 Sini Stanko 1923-1944 Srdo Jovakim 1920-1945 Sušanj Mileva 1927-1945 Sušanj Vlatko 1908-1943 Šepi Vjekoslav 1904-1945 Valeni Romano 1911-1944 Kovi Ivan 1898-1943 Gubici also lists the following Partisans from Matulji whose names do not appear on the monument: Dujmovi, Boidar 1923-1943 Frlan, Franjo 1927-1944 Ivani, Anton 1899-1944 Kinkela, Alojz 1921-1944 Mihoi, Ivan 1924-1944 Penik, Mirko 1902-1944 Rubeša, Ivan ? Šupak, Milan 1920-1944 Šupak, Pavao 1900-1943 Vali, Ivan 1917-1943 Vali, Josip 1922-1944 The same work further lists the following Victim of War from the settlement: Šupak, Matije 1876-1945 Previously known as Srpska Moravice, Moravice is a string of ethnic Serb villages in the Gorski kotar region, along the Zagreb- Rijeka road. The recently restored monument was placed there by the Union of Italians for Istria and Rijeka (Unione degli Italiani dell'Istria e di Fiume) on 29 November 1951 at the site where Vladimir Švalba-Vid was killed. Ban, Gabrijel 1890-1943 Ban, Ignac 1880-1843 Ban, Ivan 1881-1942 Ban, Ivan 1940-? Ban, Josip 1929-1944 Ban, Josip 1880-1942 Ban, Josipa 1941-1943 Ban, Joica 1870-? Ban, Marko 1941-1942 Ban, Mihovil 1880-1943 Ban, Petra 1882-1943 Ban, Romana 1880-? Jurii, Stjepan 1877-1942 Lini, Jakomina 1905-1942 Lini, Josip 1932-1942 Maršani, Metod 1910-1942 Petrovi, Ana 1890-1943 Petrovi, Anton 1941-1942 Petrovi, Bartol ? -1943 Zaharija, Ankica 1942-1942 Zaharija, Mihovil 1868-?

Of interest is the inclusion of star made in the style of medieval Croatian art. -1943 The information for the Victims of Fascist Terror found on the monument is as follows: Babi Marija 1894-1941 (according to Gubici, born in 1893) Besednjak Ivan 1908-1943 (accorindg to Gubici, now classified as a Partisan) Frlan Vinko 1922-1943 (according to Gubici, now classified as a Partisan) Iuculano Marija 1892-1943 Kacijani Franjo 1931-1943 (according to Gubici, the surname is spelled Kocijani) Lipi Marija 1886-1943 Lovrin Antun 1913-1945 Maconi Marijan 1911-1943 (note - an ethnic Italian) Marchini Francesco 1906-1943 (note - an ethnic Italian) Matulja Josip 1896-1944 Srdo Bogdan 1908-1944 Turak Marica 1943-1943 Gubici further lists Danijela Mender (? The work Grobinština contains the following names and information of Partisans killed during the War: Ban, Ernest 1923-1944 Brozni, Dragutin 1905-1941 Brozni, ivko 1906-1943 ohilj, Ivan 1925-1944 Damiš, Davor 1920-1944 Franiškovi, Berto 1915-1943 Gustavi, Josip 1898-1942 Haramija, Andrija 1920-1945 Haramija, Radomir 1925-1944 Kopajti, Ivan 1907-1944 Kosti, Nenko 1915-1944 Markovi, Filip 1903-1942 (Švob gives the personal name as Marko) Mavrinac, Branko 1922-1944 Mavrinac, Danijel 1919-1943 Mavrinac, Ditko 1914-1945 Mavrinac, Ivan 1922-1944 Mavrinac, Ivan 1923-1942 Mavrinac, Josip 1899-1943 Mavrinac, Marijan 1921-1942 Mavrinac, Stanko 1911-1943 Mavrinac, Tugomir 1927-1945 Mavrinac, Vazmoslav 1917-1944 Mavrinac, ivko 1908-1945 Mohori, Dragutin 1925-1944 Sobotini, Alojz 1895-1942 Sobotini, Cvetko 1925-1943 Sobotini, Dušan 1924-1944 Sobotini, Franjo 1922-1944 Sria, Ivan 1920-1942 Sria, Josip 1915-1944 Sria, Viktor 1902-1942 Stilinovi, Marijan 1897-1942 Vlaši, Rafael 1923-1944 eeli, Josip 1924-1943 eeli, Mario 1922-1943 eeli, Petar 1912-1942 The work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the village: argonja, Rumana 1885-1942 Mavrinac, Cila 1878-1944 Mavrinac, Franjo 1906-1944 Mavrinac, Kuzma 1853-1942 Mavrinac, Mima 1912-1944 Mavrinac, Vicko 1881-1942 Šria, Mima 1892-1942 The work further lists the following Victims of War from the village: Malvi, Dragica 1918-1944 Mavrinac, Ranko 1928-1943 Mavrinac, eljko 1919-1943 eeli, Josip 1937-1944 MIKEJI. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the settlement killed during the War: aval, Zvonko 1923-1944 Šupak, Josip 1922-1944? Permani (Victim of Fascist Terror) Simi Nino 1925-1945 Pui Skranjer Aleksandro 1914-1945 Permani Stani Viktor 1924-1943 Pui Varljen Franjo 1905-1943 No hamlet given (Victim of Fascist Terror) Also in Permani, across from the Permanski dom (site of a well-known restaurant), stands a monument to Vladimir Švalba-Vid. Ban, Anton 1888-1943 Ban, Benedikto 1919-1942 Ban, Franka 1900-1943 Ban, Franjo 1858-? Brnja, Stjepan 1905-1942 Burul, Josip 1865-1943 Burul, Marija 1906-? Hatei, Josip 1871-1942 Hatei, Josip 1879-1943 Jurii, Kata 1885-?

A village near abar, it also includes the hamlets of Smreke and and Sokoli. The main Partisan monument is located on the Opatija-Pula road, next to the intersection for the road which takes one to Mošenice, a medieval town on a hill overlooking Mošenika draga, which served as its port. Plesce-World_ War II Monument Plesce-World_War_II_Monument. Kova, Franjo 1923-1944 Lipovac, Josip 1903-1945 Markovi, Antun 1925-1943 Markovi, Josip 1927-1944 Obolt, Drago 1922-1945 Obolt, Josip 1922-1945 Oura, Antun 1923-1943 Pajni, Petar 1927-1944 Poje, Anton ? Jurii, Adam 1916-1943 Jurii, Petar 1916-1943 Lini, Milan 1924-1945 Lini, Zdenka 1926-1943 Maršani, Dragutin 1913-1943 Petrovi, Andjel 1906-1943 Petrovi, Antonija 1920-1942 Petrovi, Domenik 1920-1942 Petrovi, Franjo 1905-1944 Petrovi, Ivan 1919-1943 Petrovi, Lovro 1925-1943 Petrovi, Vjekoslav 1923-1944 Petrovi, Vlado 1921-1943 Reljac, Albin 1923-1943 Reljac, Josip 1923-1944 Reljac, Vinko 1912-? A village on the slopes of Mount Uka, located near Iii.

Švob lists the following people from the village as having been executed by Fascist forces in 1942: op, Josip Kova, Josip Resman, Franjo MALINSKA. Primorsko lists the following Partisans from the town and the nearby settlement of Porat killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade: Celebrini, Miroslav 1923-1943 Dujmovi, Anton 1914-1944 Kralji, Petar 1923-1943 Turi, Mate 1910-1943 gombi, Matija 1920-1943 MARELJI. The main World War II monument consists of a wall on which is mounted a black marble slab listing the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War. -1944 Šercer, Josip 1910-1943 Šercer, Josip 1913-1944 Šercer, Juraj 1926-1945 Tomac, Franjo 1923-1943 Turk, Antun 1923-1942 Turk, Franjo 1922-1945 Turk, Ivan 1926-1943 Turk, Josip 1923-1945 Turk, Josip 1921-1944 Volf, Fanika 1923-1943 Volf, Slavko 1924-1945 agar, Cvetko 1919-1944 Primorsko lists the following Partisans from the settlement killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorski-Goranska Brigade: Cvitkovi, Stjepan 1921-1944 Poje, Josip 1905-1944 (note – also mentioned in Mrkopalj – Mati poljane) Concerning Victims of Fascism from the settlement, see the entry for Kampor for inviduals who died at that Italian concentration camp. Reljac, Rudolf 1911-1943 Reljac, Štefanija 1927-1943 Roi, iril 1912-1943 Roi, Ema 1925-1944 Roi, Josip 1923-1943 Roi, Stanislav 1913-1943 Stipi, Josip 1923-1944 Šepi, Bosilja 1924-1943 Šepi, Viktor 1912-1943 Škaron, Ivan 1916-1944 Zaharija, Anton 1912-1942 Zaharija, Stjepan 1922-1943 Zatkovi, Vjenceslav 1925-1943 agar, Antonija 1923-1942 agar, Matija 1899-1944 Finally, the same work lists the following Victims of War from Podhum: Ban, Filip 1890-1941 Ban, Josip 1932-1945 Ban, Rude 1940-1945 Ban, Suzana 1895-1945 ui, Berta 1932-1945 Stipi, Josip 1929-1944 Primorsko further lists Franjo Ralja (the surname is likely Reljac) as a Partisan from Podhum killed in 1944 while serving in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade. A village located in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and near Jelenje. The village's World War II memorial stands on a curve in the road which leads to Veprinac and lists the names and birth and death dates of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War. Poljane-World_War_II_Monument Poljane-World_War_II_Monument_inscription The names of the Partisans are as follows: Andreti Josip 1902-1943 Anii Vitomir 1921-1945 Bui Ivan 1911-1943 Buri Vito 1925-1944 Dobrec Petar 1911-1944 Hlanuda Ivan 1912-1944 Kadmen Anton 1926-1944 Kadmen Ivan 1924-1944 Kori Anton 1922-1944 Kusturin Ivan 1922-1944 Kusturin Milan 1926-1944 Mender Darko 1926-1944 Peruc Frane 1911-1943 Puhar Ivan 1898-1943 Puhar Josip 1924-1944 Sergo Josip 1909-1944 Tomii Bla 1906-1943 Vidovic Vinko 1914-1944 iganto Ivan 1912-1944 iganto Vinko 1911-1944 iguli Ivan 1922-1944 iguli Marijan 1912-1944 nebel Mirko 1925-1944 Gubici further lists the following Partisans from Poljane killed during the War: Periši Vinko ? Širola Franjo 1915-1943 The names of the Victims of Fascist Terror are as follows: Andreti Josip 1907-1944 Andreti Marija 1890-1944 Andreti Marijan 1908-1944 (Gubici now classifies him as a Partisan) Anii Anton 1892-1944 (Gubici now classifies him as a Partisan) Hlanuda Ivan 1924-1943 Kali Nando 1897-1945 (Gubici now classifies him as a Partisan) Kori Anton 1878-1944 Koul Franjo 1880-1944 Lazar Josip ?

It is semicircular in shape, flanked on the left by a pillar of stone. A village located in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. Brešca Mateti Josip 1899-1944 Zaluki Peri Andrija 1900-1943 Permani Percic Branislav 1922-1944 Permani (According to Gubici, born in the USA) Peri Ivan 1924-1943 Poljane Peri Vera 1924-1943 Poljane Pu Anton 1926-1943 Zaluki Pu Franjo 1913-1944 Zaluki Pu Ivan 1925-? Brešca Rui Anton 1925-1944 Brešca Rui Marijan 1909-1943 Permani Rui Mario 1924-1943 Poljane Rui Milojka 1922-1943 Poljane Rui Viktor 1911-1943 Permani Rui Vladimir 1914-1943 Ruii Šepi Ernest 1883-1944 Permani Simi Ivan 1909-? A large number of the following victims died in Italian or German concentration camps to which they were deported after the July 1942 massacre: Ban, Adam 1889-? ui, Lidija 1927-1945 ui, Marijana 1939-1942 Grabar, Ivan 1885-1942 Grabar, Matija 1882-1942 Grabar, Tomo 1890-?

The main World War II monument is located near the bus station, across from the parish church. Permani (Victim of Fascist Terror) Kali Franjo 1904-? The names and date of birth of those known to have been executed are as follows: Ban, Stjepana Dragutin 1925 Ban, Stjepana Ivan 1923 Ban, Gabrijela Josip 1920 Ban, Gabrijela Viktor 1919 Ban, Josipa Veceslav 1920 Ban, Grge Klement 1921 Ban, Mojsije Ivan 1921 Ban, Mojsije Ilija 1918 Ban, Andrije Romano 1918 Ban, Mate Ferdinand 1900 Ban, Antona Stanislav 1912 Ban, Ivana Ivan 1906 Ban, Ivana Simun 1897 Ban, Romana Josip 1918 Ban, Jakova Ivan 1904 Ban, Josipa Roko 1913 Ban, Blaa Kruoslav 1902 Barak, Matije Benedikt 1919 Barak, Franje Bonaventuro 1914 Barak, Franje Ferdinand 1923 Baretini, Paskvala Zvonimir 1902 Brnja, Josipa Petar 1905 Brnja, Josipa Ivan 1913 Burul, Ivana Ivan 1911 aval, Karla Josip 1897 aval, Karla Matija 1903 Cui, Josipa Ivan 1919 Cui, Jakova Josip 1893 Cui, Josipa Branko 1925 Cui, Jakova Filip 1887 Cui, Mate Josip 1919 Grabar, Ivana Ivan 1910 Grabar, Franje Grga 1899 Grabar, Jakova Stjepan 1912 Grabar, Jakova Benedikt 1920 Grabar, Matije Mate 1917 Hatezi, Ivana Stjepan 1909 Hatezi, Josipa Dragutin 1908 Jurii, Ivana Mate 1882 Jurii, Lovre Milan 1913 Jurii, Lovre Dragutin 1918 Jurii, Lovre Stjepan 1922 Jurii, Lovre Josip 1924 Kukuljan, Martina Dusan 1899 Marsani, Josipa Blaz 1918 Marsani, Vida Petar 1908 Mateji, Nikole Ljubomir 1915 Mateji, Nikole Konstantin 1919 Petrovi, Filipa Juraj 1880 Petrovi, Jurja Stanko 1913 Petrovi, Tome Ivan 1923 Petrovi, Tome Lucijan 1924 Petrovi, Petra Filip 1927 Petrovi, Bonaventura Marijan 1919 Petrovi, Bonaventura Josip 1923 Petrovi, Filipa Nikola 1889 Petrovi, Nikole Dusan 1921 Petrovi, Andrije Milutin 1906 Petrovi, Matije Ivan 1896 Petrovi, Matije Miho 1887 Petrovi, Lovre Ivan 1925 Reljac, Lovre Ivan 1908 Reljac, Martina Vinko 1909 Reljac, Nikole Mirko 1907 Reljac, Ivana Stjepan 1904 Reljac, Matije Romano 1908 Reljac, Martina Izidor 1912 Reljac, Jakova Ivan 1923 Reljac, Tome Stjepan 1904 Reljac, Mate Šimun 1910 Roi, Andrije Franjo 1906 Roi, Andrije Jakov 1911 Roi, Mihe Franjo 1911 Roi, Mihe Vincenco 1907 Roi, Ivana Luka 1901 Roi, Ivana Mihovil 1903 Stipi, Josipa Pavao 1897 Stipi, Josipa Romano 1912 Stipi, Josipa Anton 1909 Stipi, Stjepana Vincenco 1909 Stipi, Martina iril 1903 Stipi, Vida Baltazar 1914 Stipi, Ivana Andjelo 1904 Stipi, Antona Silvestar 1911 Stipi, Antona Baltazar 1914 Stani, Mirka Andjelo 1921 Skaron, Vatroslava Eduard 1910 Šupak, Martina Josip 1910 Trahli, Franje Miroslav 1914 eeli, Franje Cvetko 1904 In addition, to the foregoing, the work Grobinština lists the following additional Victims of Fascist Terror from Podhum killed during the War.

Some of the names and/or other data on the photgraph used are not clearly legible: Benaš, Anton ? Brubnjak Milan 1925-1944 Detan Romano 1925-1944 Ivani Ivan 1924-1944 Jedreški Andrija 1900-1944 Lazari Franjo 1925-1944 Kali Ivan 1925-? There is also a memorial obelisk next to the town's main beach which commemorates the landing of Partisan forces in late April 1945 when the town was liberated from German troops. The pillar contains a metallic copy of the "1941 Memorial" (a medal awarded to Partisans who joined in 1941) below which are the years "1941-1945." To the left and right of the pillar are two marble slabs with the names of those killed during the War. A town in Gorski kotar, near the border with Slovenia.

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The persons listed are predominately, if not exclusively, Serb. A tourist resort and former fishing village on the Opatija Riviera, the town was part of Italy until 1947. The town has a World War II monument consisting of a granite wall on which is placed a bronze relief. JPG According to the work abar, the following Partisans from the settlement were killed during World War II: Gašparac, Juraj 1912-1944 Janeš, Antun 1923-1943 Janeš, Drago 1926-1945 Janeš, Ivan 1913-1943 Janeš, Ivan 1913-1942 Janeš, Josip 1919-1944 Kova, Alojz-Vjekoslav 1924-1945 Kova, Antun 1918-1944 Kova, Franjo 1924-? Brnja, Ivan 1920-1944 Brnja, Josip 1919-1942 Brnja, Rafael 1925-1945 Brnja, Stanko 1908-1943 Brnja, Vladmir 1912-1943 Burul, August 1915-1944 Burul, Ivan 1911-1942 Cui, iril 1918-1943 Cui, Grga 1913-1942 Cui, Radoslav 1923-1943 Grabar, Josip 1920-1942 Hatei, Ivan 1923-1943 Hatei, Ivan 1920-1942 Hatei, Pavao 1912-? Pili, Ivan 1920-1944 Rundi, Miha 1914-1943 Rundi, Nardo 1912-1943 Rundi Stanko 1905-1945 Šimac, Ivan 1906-1943 The work also lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the settlement killed during the War, most of who were killed at Kampor: Ban, Anton 1898-1943 Ban, Martin 1876-1942 Colnar, Bla 1924-1943 Colnar, Franjo 1897-1943 Kli, Jakov 1893-1943 Maganja, Ivan 1861-1942 Maganja, Jelka 1940-1942 Maganja Stanka-Slava 1902-1943 Rundi, Marija 1873-1943 Rundi, Marija 1881-1943 Rundi, Mate 1884-1942 Rundi, Stjepan 1939-1943 Sili, Milica 1862-1942 Šimac, Bonaventuro 1887-1943 Šimac, Ivan 1901-1942 The same work also lists the following Victims of War from the settlement: Hlaa, Boa 1886-1943 Maganja, Petar 1885-1943 Petrovi, Marija 1942-1943 Rundi, Franjo 1886-1943 Rundi, Petra 1890-1943 Rundi, Stanka 1942-1943 Sili, Margareta 1894-1943 POLJANE.

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