Allied alliance dating

Allied alliance dating

In 1899 he left the school, possibly expelled for revolutionary activity, possibly for illness.

Stalin as Party Member: Now aged 21, Stalin became a professional revolutionary working for the Russian Social Democratic Party.

His simple, effective style derived from seminary school proved effective in teaching illiterate workers Marxist-Leninist ideas.

In 1902 he was arrested for the first time and later exiled, beginning a cycle of arrest, exile, escape, revolutionary activity and arrest again which would continue to the revolution in 1917.

There he showed an aptitude for the work but was exposed to the revolutionary ideas sweeping Russia.

He read Marx, became an atheist and joined secret revolutionary groups.

Stalin also proved adept at raising funds through robbery, as well as smuggling guns and explosives through the Russian border.

When the RSDP split, Stalin sided with Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

When Lenin decided to reshape the Bolsheviks in 1912 he made sure Stalin, who was in exile, was elected to the ruling Central Committee.Name, Dates and Family Iosif Dzhugashvili, December 6 / 18 1878 (Julian / Gregorian) – March 5 1953Nicknames: Soso Assumed Names: Koba, Stalin (‘Man of Steel’)Mother: Yekaterina Dzhugashvili Father: Vissarion Dzhugashvili Children: Yakov, Vasili, Svetlana, Konstantin Kuzahov Stalin’s Youth: Stalin was born as Iosif Dzhugashvili on December 6th 1878 to a poor family in Gori, a small town in Georgia, one of the most recently acquired provinces in the Russian empire.He went to a church school in 1808, graduating with top marks in 1894, when he went to a seminary school to train as a priest, as per his mother’s wishes.Lenin asked Stalin to escape again to help, which Stalin did.By Robert Wilde Summary: Dictator of the Soviet Union in the mid twentieth century who rose to power through a mix of political manoeuvering and bureaucratic expertise before pushing Russia through forced industrialisation and purges which killed millions.

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He also led Russia victoriously in WW2 and was a key figure in the origins of the Cold War.

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