Am i dating a narcissistic woman

Am i dating a narcissistic woman

The question is: Well, you, or at least your fellow countrymen are not completely innocent when it comes to this development.Young women in the Western world learned pretty fast that they can basically get away with everything and that they can treat men as shitty as they want, .There are also a lot of guys who want to Snapchat with her, just to see her beautiful face with a few senseless words written on it.I also know from my own dating experiences that it can be very challenging to be on a date with a girl who thinks that she is a princess who shits gold every morning.Usually, that’s already the point where I decide to NOT see this girl again.Our society trains women to think that they are goddesses.As a result, a lot of them believe their bodies are of pure gold and that every single one of their thoughts has the potential to change the world, or at least to bring them to the UN for a stupid speech.

Another determining factor is the technological development in the past recent years.

It is totally normal that a woman has just a slightest predisposition to become narcissistic, but as soon as she buys her first smartphone (nowadays at the age of 3) this harmless predisposition develops into Suddenly, she realizes that people LIKE the pictures that she uploads on Facebook.

I guess not, otherwise I wouldn’t have found countless forums on the internet, in which men all over the world complain about how smug (some) women are nowadays.

You can read a lot of bullshit on the internet that is backed with “scientific” research that is anything but true. I heard from dozens of guys in long and sometimes quite painful conversations how fed up they are with the snooty girls of our generation.

They learn from a young age that they are special, that they are protected by society and that every man gets verbally murdered as soon as he says one word against them.

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They also learn that they can make fun of men as much as they want, because nowadays it is socially acceptable to do so.

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