Appearing needy dating drake and christina milian dating

Appearing needy dating

There’s nothing wrong with showing your interest in a woman when you first meet her or being madly in love with her in a relationship, but there is a problem when your love and affection becomes warped by neediness.Needy love is unattractive to women because women are attracted to the emotional strength and security of men and turned off by the weakness.She’s hoping to meet a guy who can make her feel some exciting attraction by being a bit of a challenge to seduce.He doesn’t realize that beautiful women don’t want to feel like they’re doing him a favor by giving him a “chance” to be with them.

If a woman is attractive, most guys in this world would be willing to stick their dick in her at least once just because she looks good.He is impressed and wants to be with her because she is probably the only pretty woman who has shown him any interest in months, or even years.In all the excitement, he fails to realize that she isn’t looking to score another needy guy who can’t attract other women.Many of those guys would also be willing to have a relationship with her, just because she looks good.As a woman grows up and realizes that she has this pussy power over men, she begins to feel less and less excited about guys who are so easily impressed by her.

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Instead, a woman wants to find a guy who makes her feel like she is lucky to be getting a chance with him.

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