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In fact for some type of girls, looking sharp will hurt you (hipsters, artsy chicks, midgets, etc.) Finally an Argentine guy rolls by and tells everyone to sit down and shut up. Our guys are really forward, confident and insistent.Here’s some required reading for anyone going to Argentina: About middle class Argentine girls from an Argentine guy: 1. A-hole game or direct game will not set you apart, you will just blend in.

I use quotes because lately I’m noticing women trolling as men on my blog and others.“The women chased my aggressively” sounds like something a girl would say.If you are a foreigner, you need a story that will make you be around for a longer period of time (I’m leaving tomorrow will usually backfire and usually so will I’m leaving next week).Girls will make out with guy they met at a bar, but this guy needs to create his story to take it further. If it is a beach town in the summer, you want to be with the guys who have the motorcycles, jetskis, quads or who are into kite-surfing or beach volleyball. Your groups will join at one point, and that will provide the setting for her to lower her defenses. As an example, if I’m traveling to Argentina for only a week, I know I won’t be getting much action.(Here’s another example of a girl trolling as a guy and my reasoning why).

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There were also some other misguided comments about “looking good.” All things being equal, looking sharper help you get laid depending on the type of girl you’re going for, but telling a guy to cut his hair in order to bang Argentine girls left and right tells me either you don’t have game or haven’t been to Argentina.

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