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Balding dating man tip

This is the question that all unmarried men planning to go through an arranged marriage have in their minds and causes extreme anxiety if men realize that their hair no longer finds their head an attractive place to settle down and put down roots literally!The relationship between Indian men, their hair, and their comb is sacred. More specifically, the nation wants to know – do women like bald men in arranged marriages?

You will notice a couple of things: Here is a conclusive answer to anyone who thinks that bald men are not virile or have low testosterone!Consultant trichologist Carole Michaelides from the Philip Kingsley Clinic explains: “Testosterone levels are exactly the same in bald men as in those who aren’t losing their hair.” Source – The Art of Balding. We decided to look at results of proper scientific studies on the topic of women’s preference for men and how men’s attractiveness to women change because of baldness.At every available opportunity, men will comb their hair. As you can see, Indian men are obsessed with their comb and their hair.They get really upset when they lose one of their obsessions.This is a popular question on Quora and has 25 responses already from Indian men and women.

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We decided to look at the hard numbers first in terms of responses from women.

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