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You might have friends or family members who have had similar experiences and can talk with you about your feelings.

It is part of the broad spectrum of human sexuality.

There are some people who find "bisexual" to be a limited label because it implies that gender is a binary (i.e., can be divided into two categories: men and women) rather than a spectrum of gender identities.

People who are physically and sexually attracted to both men and women usually identify themselves as bisexual.

However, not everyone who has had feelings or experiences with both men and women describe themselves as bisexual.

For this reason, being bisexual can cause feelings of isolation for some young men and women, because they feel a lot of pressure to be either straight or gay.

Sometimes, people are happy to explore their sexuality, but will identify themselves as mainly straight, gay or lesbian, or have no label at all.Other times, it can be hard for people to come out as bisexual because society doesn’t accept people who are attracted to both men and women.Some people therefore identify as pansexual to indicate that they are attracted to "all genders" or "polysexual" to indicate that they are attracted to "many genders." It is completely up to you what label, if any, feels right for you. You can’t fill in a questionnaire or take a test that will give you a definite answer.You might be bisexual if you recognize that you’re attracted to women and men, but these feelings don’t necessarily have to come up at the same time or with the same intensity.What’s important is that you don’t deny your feelings and that you take time to explore your sexuality at your own pace.

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It’s also important to remember that you’re definitely not alone, and you don’t have to deal with your questions or problems by yourself.

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