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Below, you can see Ivan Krivanak, from the Czech Republic, on his hobby horse.I photographed him at the IVCA cycle rally in France in June 2011.EVOLUTION OF BICYCLE FRAME STYLES From the first days of the bicycle, inventors experimented with variations in the machine’s geometry, adapting them to make it easier or more efficient for the rider to use.Different frame styles have always interested me, so I have an example of many styles in the Oldbike Online Bicycle Museum.Also known as a ‘dandy horse’ or ‘hobby horse’ it had no pedals, instead being ‘walked’ by the rider.In France it was known as the Draisienne, and another name for it in England was the ‘swift walker.’ A disadvantage of the design is that it had to be built to order to take account of the rider’s height; it was fashionable in 18 but soon went out of vogue.He had two riding schools, in the Strand and Soho, and he exhibited it there in May 1919.This not-for-profit site is to encourage those interested in enjoying and preserving vintage lightweight "racing" style bicycles (road, touring, track, randonneur & elegant city) from the early 20th century until 1983.

There is obviously no film of an 1818 Dandy Horse taken at the time. v=Dzmdlj TMa FQ PLEASE CLICK HERE 1818-1819: JOHNSON’S LADIES WALKING MACHINE Denis Johnson was Great Britain’s first cycle manufacturer, making his own version of the Draisenne in 1818.

But Buster Keaton’s 1923 film , which was set in 1830, featured a replica built by the film’s technical crew, and it’s interesting to see one being ridden in costume in 1923. The first major frame variation was Johnson’s 1818/1819 design for a lady’s version of the Draisenne, created to make it easier for women to mount the machine …and therefore avoid ridicule within the strict conservatism of the day.

We are not including mountain bikes, BMX, recumbent, middle weights nor balloon-tired bikes.

Those bikes have merit, but are not "On Topic" for the Classic Rendezvous. 3.) providing information & history about the makers.

This page is a short history of the evolution of the bicycle, linking to relevant pages where you can read further about particular frame variations from the beginning until the 1900s.

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(I’m currently editing and updating this page) 1818: DRAISIENNE The first bicycle was invented by Baron Karl Drais of Mannheim, Germany, patented in January 1818.

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