Brent gorski dating

Brent gorski dating

Networks, announced today it has acquired worldwide distribution rights to “Eleven Minutes,” a documentary about fashion designer Jay Mc Carroll, winner of season one of “Project Runway.” The documentary, co-directed and co-produced by Michael Selditch and Rob Tate, will open in theaters and debut on here! It chronicles Jay’s year-long journey while preparing his first independent runway show for New York’s Fashion Week in Bryant Park, and the subsequent selling of his line to stores.

Said Selditch: “The goal of this documentary was to drop the pretenses of reality TV and focus on the daily trials of Jay Mc Carroll’s design and work.

Yet sandwiched between scenes of homosexual affection is a subplot involving Melissa Searing as Trevor's best friend Andie struggling to come to terms with the unwanted result of an HIV test, a noteworthy addition to the narrative given the now almost taboo subject of AIDS.

Only competing against her for the supporting spotlight is actor and musician Jay [Shortbus] Brannan, as loud and proud Jake.

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And yet and in spite of some negatives along its cinematic path, what this feature does show in its own reflective way is how Mr Right can so often appear, at the precise moment when love is the last thing on your mind.

Films, the theatrical distribution and worldwide sales division of here! Here’s some background on the documentary: In 2006, Selditch and Tate made a one-off TV special about Jay Mc Carroll for Bravo called “Project Jay.” “Eleven Minutes” picks up where that story ends.

As the two start to see each other on a regular basis, the question is not so much whether Trevor has the strength to sever his relationship with Darrell, but whether he has the resolve to finally move on with his life with the man he now loves.

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Clearly struggling with the difficulties of indie filmmaking, including the inherent one of limited time for re-takes, Rosser Goodman has nonetheless delivered a remarkably realistic depiction of gay love; from the classic first date scenario to ... Then again, this is down in no small part to writer and lead actor Brent Gorski who as Trevor creates a genuine screen relationship with Eli Kranski as partner Ephram, one that is full of the ups and downs of life, together with its ins and outs, upfront as they are with the sexual intimacy required for the piece, one that whilst not explicit, nevertheless leaves you in no doubt as the nature of their relationship.

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