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Similarly the subfolder (default html) can be left out if that was cleared during the install.

So for a port 80, no subfolder install the url becomes Address The original installation used just 1 combined script.

It was set up originally for wheezy and has had some changes to make it Jessie compatible but these are not complete.

It gathers all user parameters first in one combined dialog and then always applies the parameters as it goes through the process.

A q (quiet) parameter may be used to skip this and give an automatic install based on All parameters are always in the file, a default version is created if one doesn't exist and is then changed just once after the initial user dialog.

Step 1: Install Raspbian on your RPi Step 2: Attach camera to RPi and enable camera support ( Step 3: Update your RPi with the following commands: Occasionally if camera core software updates have been done then a sudo rpi-update may be used to benefit from these before they become available as standard.

Step 4: For Jessie Lite run sudo apt-get install git Clone the code from github and enable and run the install script with the following commands: The main installation always does the same thing to simplify its logic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for the Raspberry Pi camera only. It's been programmed by silvanmelchior as a client for Raspi MJPEG in 2013.

Since then, thanks to the help of many other programmers, it has become the best interface to control the RPi Cam over your browser.

It will also start on a reboot if autostart was configured.


Step 5: Use it Open up any browser on any computer in your network and enter the url to access the camera web site. If the port had been left at default 80 during install then this may be left out.

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