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Enable/Disable feature Enable/Disable chat feature Silent clear and anonymous clear! # # Display Message After Clear only: %Newline% Lines: global: 100 personal: 100 join: 100 Auto Clear: 100 Join Clear: Enabled: true Only With Permission: true Display Message After Clear: Enabled: true Message: '&3Your %Newline% chat was cleared on join' Auto Clear: Enabled: true Seconds: 0 Minutes: 30 Hours: 0 In Game Players Only: true Please give feedback since this is my first plugin!

Not redistribute this plugin, share any part of the code or resell it. Not edit any of the plugin's code, decompile the plugin, or take some parts of it. You will not post our source code online or offline any website.

This happens when I boot up my server with Clear Chat: [ ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/Clear Chat.jar' in folder 'plugins' org.bukkit.plugin. Unsupported Class Version Error: me/Hendrik/Clear Chat/main : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 ^ That. Thanks for the help Please read the description before asking questions, it says under Permissions: "clearchat.ignore (when a player has this permission he wont see the /c or /clearchat clear message) v1.2 and up" So i guess your op and you have the clearchat.ignore permission thats why it wont clear your chat, but for players without that permission it will clear there chat.

Follow Clear Chat 3.0 development here: Chat-3.0 Build on: The newst Craftbukkit build! You can use java 7 and 8 Info: Clearchat is a simple plugin thats clears you chat on a server Features: Clears the chat Fully Custom messages Simple Personal clear Global clear Reload command %Player% and %Prefix% placeholders On Join message (Can be disabled) On join clear (This does not clear the global chat but the players chat.) Permisson based help system JSON messages! 100 is recommend # Join Clear: Clears the chat on join # Only With Permission: Only players with the permisson clearchat.joinclear will get there chat cleared on join # Display Message After Clear: Send a messages after join clear # Auto Clear: Autoclear is a system that clears your chat after some time # In Game Players Only: Only players will get there chat cleared when the autoclear goes on. Thank you Lt Jim007 and Absinto J for making a tutorial on my plugin!

Version: 2.0.2 By Phil14052 # # Lines: How many lines it will clear! Have you done a youtube video about my plugin then send me a pm and i will add it here!

Your Java version, OS, player count, server country location and plugin & server versions are collected.This is used to determine what environments are using the plugin to ensure full compatibility. If you don't want this tracking, edit plugins/Plugin Metrics/and set opt-out to true. And a lot more Commands: Command Permissions: clearchat.* clearchat.clear.personal clearchat.reload clearchat.mutechat clearchat.mutepersonal clearchat.mutechat.bypass clearchat.joinclear Requirements: Nothing Pictures: # Clear Chat!To determine popularity and usage of Clear Chat, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system.NOTE: It is not recommended to use Bar API in 1.8 versions, because minecraft has a bug with Boss Bar.

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