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That reminded me that our grandchildren, or for that matter our children, do not know what things were like in the 1930s and 1940s.I decided to, from time to time, write notes to my grandchildren on how things were then.It was called a separator because it would separate the cream from the milk. (my mother’s brother) with his wife, Beatrice, and his two sons, Jerry Dean and Curtis and daughter, Sybil Maxine, would also be there. and Otis, also farmed nearby my Bilbrey grandparents. To make home made ice cream you need something to make it with. An ice cream maker had a metal can with a hole in the top. Across the top of the wooden bucket was a device with a gear box and a handle.

You had to make sure that the melted ice did not reach the top of the metal can or the salt brine would get inside and ruin the ice cream Later as the mix froze the handle became harder and harder to turn and the men would do it.After the crank became very, very hard to turn you knew that the mix had become ice cream.To make ice cream you need sugar, milk, cream, eggs and flavoring. Of course you could buy ice cream in the store but it was expensive and if you had to go very far it would melt. The cows had to be milked twice a day every day including Sunday. There were no milking machines but even had there been they would have been worthless because the farm had no electricity until I was 9 or 10 or 11 years old. Some of the milk was also made into butter or cream.The milk, which would be used for butter or cream, would be poured into a hand cranked machine with two spouts. You would turn the hand crank and butter fat or cream from the milk would come out one spout and cream from the other.Burlap bags we called them tow sacks) would be folded on the top of the gear box for about 30 minutes or an hour so the ice cream would “ripen”.

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The metal can would be removed from the wooden bucket and the ice cream scoped out.

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