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Carbon dating age earth

Radioactive isotopes always lose one half of thier radioactivity in each half -life.

Each half-life is the same for each particular isotope, so H-2 and C-14 have different half-lives.

The number is from the estimated atomic mass of each isotope. Electrons have a much tinier mass, and have a negligible effect on the the atomic mass of each isotope.

H1 has 1 proton and 1 electron, atomic mass=1, H2 1 proton, 1electron and 1 nuetron, atomic mass=2 and so on.

For example, Uranium-238 will break down several times until it becomes a stable isotope of lead.

There is also a known percentage of each isotope in nature when these atoms reach a certain state in nature.

i also want to hear a little more about carbon 14 dating. An isotope is a variation of the number of nuetrons, for each atom of an element.

from what ive read it is only accurate to about 6000 years or so because that is the lifespan of carbon 14. so how do evolutionists get the billions of years in certain rocks and stuff? For example Hydrogen has 3 isotopes: H1, H2 and H3.

and when they break down, they do so at a known rate called a half-life.

Like I mentioned earlier, when an isotope breaks down, it does so by emitting off some of its subatomic particles to become a more stable isotope.

When it does this, it actually becomes another element.

For example when a mineral freezes or melts or vaporizes, the change in state does something to the subatomic particles in that sample which some of them move from stable to unstable isotopes.

i am a Christian and therefore belive in the creation of earth. i wanted to hear other peoples thoughts whether from creation or evolution standpoint. i dont just want this to be a philosophical argument based only on what... We know this by a process known as radiometric dating.

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