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These scientists used “exciting” twice, and a scattering of other “surprise” words: The paper is timely, seeing that the latest dinosaur movie “Jurassic World” hits the theaters in two days.

Reporters, so far, are sticking to their story that the evidence merely demonstrates that soft tissue last for 75 million years.

This estimate, however, is about 18 times longer than the previous “expert” opinion about the longevity of collagen, especially in its quaternary structure. Four million years was already a stretch for many who said soft tissue degrades quickly after death.

Moreover, they thought it could only be preserved for 4my under exceptional conditions of preservation—not on common bones in museum collections.

This new paper, however, is noteworthy in many respects that will challenge naysayers: Another standout feature of this paper is the undercurrent of emotion.

Scientific papers tend to be stodgy and understated in tone.

Another noteworthy discovery from the current paper is “structures enriched in carbon.” They write, “Elemental analysis using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy () established that all these structures are enriched in carbon, in contrast with the surrounding denser tissue/cement.” This raises the possibility of running carbon-14 tests on the samples.None of the authors or reporters mentioned this rather obvious follow-up step.If the bones were older than about 100,000 years, there should be no carbon-14 at all remaining, due to its 5,730-year half-life.Bob Enyart discusses this paper with editor David Coppedge in a special edition of his radio show today (June 10).Bob Enyart keeps a list of objects containing carbon-14 that should have none, such as coal, diamonds and other “dinosaur-era” fossils. The world’s leading scientists are less scientific than this pastor in Denver. They were totally surprised (see the reactions in yesterday’s post).

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A few years ago, he spoke with famous dinosaur hunter Jack Horner, who was the inspiration for the scientist in , he refused the generous grant and donation to his museum. Enyart keeps lists of predictions by creation scientists, many of which have been confirmed. His lists also show that from dinosaurs has already been found, contrary to what the reporters on the current story are saying.

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