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If a man begins to be aroused by holding his sweetheart's hand (possible, though unlikely), as long as he doesn’t latch on to that pleasure and start rubbing her hand, trying to cultivate arousal, he doesn’t sin.Granted, the man who would do that might need counseling, but no doubt, stranger things have happened.And, the procreative purpose means the act itself is open to having children, regardless of the intention of the (married) couple. It is not licit to seek sexual pleasure apart from a complete non-contracepted marital act.The point is that, for single people dating, it is immoral to seek sexual pleasure in any action. However, there has to be a bit more to it than that.This would include French kissing and touching sensitive areas of the body.In this article I hope to give evidence that French kissing in courtship at any age is sinful, and so is long-term kissing on a couch.Holding hands is a praiseworthy sign of affection and as long as any sexual pleasure is accepted as an unintended side effect, there would be no sin.

What, then, would be another reasonable criterion to judge by? If an activity is by its nature highly stimulating, then it belongs only in marriage.

No, but he might simply take her hand and kiss it before releasing it, especially if he feels he might be tempted to cultivate the unintended arousal.

“Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself, isolated from its procreative and unitive purposes” (No. The unitive purpose implies the celebration of the existing marital love covenant.

In other words, sexual pleasure may be sought only in marriage.

And, I will present a beautiful way of affection that a number of young people have used to replace this behavior; a way that has moved them from unchastity to chastity.

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Unintended Arousal But, one might ask, what if a man gets stirred up sexually when he chastely hugs a woman or holds her hand or kisses her gently. The answer is no, if he is not seeking pleasure in these acts which have the nature of affection.

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