Christian dating different beliefs

No one is born clean, no matter if his life is only for a single day.

Only baptism and faith in the death of Jesus can save one from this destiny. Humanity is created by God destined for heaven unless they chose to disobey Him and refuse His mercy.

All three parts of the Trinity are "coequal" "co-eternal" and "the same substance." For this reason, this doctrine is described as "a mystery." God is one God in the most basic, simple, and elementary meaning of the word. In Islam God is known by the name "Allah" and more than 99 other venerated names, such as "the Merciful," "the Gracious," "the All-Powerful," etc.

However, to say that God is three is a blasphemy of the highest order.

It is to be treated with respect, however any statements which clearly oppose those of the Qur'an are to be rejected as the work of mankind. He was known as "The Truthful, the Trustworthy" before he received his first revelation. He was a human being but performed a number of miracles during his lifetime by the will of God. It was given the distinction of being personally guarded by God from human tampering.

It is on a literary level never before seen by mankind.

After the crucifixion all that is required of humanity is faith without any works. He is currently anticipated to arrive around the turn of the century (2000 C. Jesus did not die but was raised up into heaven by God.

That he was sent by God as a messenger to the Jews in order to return them to the pure and true religion of Moses, and to relieve them of some of the regulations which had been placed upon them in ancient times. He shall return to earth just before the Day of Judgment in order to kill the "False Messiah" and to establish peace and justice on earth.

He will kill the pigs, break the cross, and call all humanity to Islam. Only the death of the sinless offspring of God could erase this sin.

A chaste and pious human woman who was chosen, purified, and preferred over all of the women of creation to be the one to give birth to Gods elect messenger Jesus through the command of God without any father whatsoever.

Muslims believe in the books of the previous prophets including the "Torah" which was sent to Moses, the "Zaboor" (Psalms) which were given to David, the "Injeel" (Gospel) which was given to Jesus, and the Qur'an which was given to Muhammad However, Muslims are told that the previous scriptures were tampered with by mankind and the Bible should only be accepted in as far as it is confirmed by the Qur'an.

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God can very trivially and effortlessly forgive the sins of all of Humanity no matter if they were to fill the lofty regions of the sky.

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