Code for validating login textbox in

Code for validating login textbox in

This paper introduces these new controls and discusses tips and tricks on working with them in practical scenarios.(34 printed pages) Introduction Looking at Validation The Required Field Validator Control The Compare Validator Control The Range Validator Control The Regular Expression Validator Control The Custom Validator Control The Validation Summary Control Conclusion In your studies of ASP.Some users are not interested in spending enough time to enter the correct information into a form, and in some cases, users might even intentionally enter false information to gain access or get past a certain step in your application's workflow process.One of the first steps is to understand what validating data means.These forms are made up of different types of HTML elements that are constructed using straight HTML, HTML server controls, or Web server controls.A variety of HTML elements, such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and more, can be used in forms. NET applications are collecting information from a user, you want to ensure that the data that you collect is valid.

NET Summary: Learn how to use all the available ASP.Validating, in this case, does not mean that if John Doe types his name into the form field of a text box as Fred Doe the computer sends an alert to inform you that the data is untruthful.No, we still do not have the capability to find out whether a statement is true.Validation is testing to determine whether the user entered into the field.NET, you might have been introduced to a number of different types of controls, whether HTML server controls or Web server controls.

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This paper focuses on a series of controls that stand out from the rest—.

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