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Nadine told us Ronnie was selling The Bar and the new management, damn, they’s only one way to say it– they was Duke basketball fans, not NASCAR. We learned about pouring Bondo Fiberglas Resin into a rusted galvanized metal bucket that we got from Emanuel’s shed after it flooded in August. She wore white shirts, man shirts of Egyptian cotton, heavily starched, which hung to her knees. insert a mental photo of “Hammer a Nail: A Tribute to John and Yoko” here. And then, after that’s set in your brain, 200 rusted nails and screws slammed into the top of an old rusted sawhorse, a rather smallish sawhorse. He’s a fine young man, well-educated, but I don’t know his preferences … Circling in perfect symmetry above her ears, at the nape of her neck.Kenny’s got himself plenty of heroes, so when he lost the flesh and blood Dale, he dusted off his list and put Sammy Sosa on top. I did my Blazer up real respectful, showed my sorrow to the world. See, what it is is that my Jesus fish shows I know he’s in heaven, Dale I mean..I kind of felt like my rapture bumper sticker went real well with my sentiments about Dale. on account of we all know Jesus is in heaven, for goodness sake. She says it’s on account of my singing Karaoke so good at The Bar… Kyle didn’t go to work for four days after Dale’s funeral but we managed to get him to shower and leave the trailer when we told him they was having a wake at The Bar.

But anyways, I like it that folks are knowing how I feel. Kyle’s real partial to Nadine, she’s the bartender over there, and we told him that what with Nadine asking for him and him not leaving the trailer for almost a week, he owed it to himself to try, at least for one night, to get his shit together.Trouble started five minutes after we got our first beer. So, insert your internal interpretation of my work: “Osprey” and do a mental photo here and then … Then after the Wed night reception, I’ll post real photographs and you can see just how close you were to picturing an inverted umbrella skeleton in a bucket of resin/polymer with detritus woven into the spokes and the bucket is on a milking stool. I’m going out on a limb here, since Alex Mann is the juror and juroring as I speak — I believe there’s only a remote possibility of my Post-Fluxus pieces being “juried in” and on display with one of the pieces but I am not overly optimistic about either piece being accepted. When I arrived at 9 instead of 10, she would be in the kitchen, ironing. I would get there early, to see her make rectangles and squares. Her mother had long brown hair, neatly braided and wrapped around her head. If possible, will sell Art at BCAC Arts & Crafts Sale on Dec 2-3 at Civic Center. prilosec and diarrhea side effects zanaflex picture drug yasmin drug information Buy Without Prescription cialis bph online tretinoin emollient cream side effects crestor hip pain tabs paxil side effects suicidal thoughts side effects accutane and depression treatment drug vytorin leg pain online antivert liver effects Got so far behind creating my two entries, I didn’t sign my assemblages nor did I photograph the completed pieces.We quickly hung the bucket on a plant hook on the front porch (after removing the potted fern from the hook, of course) and we came inside to watch from behind the window. As I became more responsible, I ironed dress shirts. And Kyle, he was a Jeff Gordon fanatical type, but he said everyone, no matter whether you’s for Rusty or Dick Trickle, well, you was for Dale in the back of your mind. Just tore him up inside, made him remember when his granddaddy died and all them folks came from everywhichwhere to pay their respects.

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Because, despite the fact we never took chemistry in college, we know enough about chemical reactions to get the f’ out of Dodge when metal heats up. He, Dale I mean, could win and you wouldn’t have no bad feelings. He said he felt like all the icons died too soon and death turned them into martyrs.

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