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Counting crows adam dating courteney cox

Since the pair broke up, she’s been linked with a few other doofy-looking fellas like senior citizen Teddy Forstmann. And when he grows a mustache, it’s like an eighth grader trying really hard. Anna Faris One of the funniest hot girls in the world right now, Anna Faris has transcended her beginnings in the "Scary Movie" franchise.

Her taste in men, though, tends toward the chubby and the schlubby. C." is another Hollywood babe who absolutely refuses to be seen with attractive men, pairing up with guys like Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler.

First she married no-chin record executive Justin Siegel in 2008, only to divorce him a year later.

After breaking up with her first husband, actor Ben Indra, she hooked up with the unlikely Chris Pratt, who plays Andy on "Parks and Recreation." Dude’s not ugly per se, but he does pack a spare tire or two and looks a little out of place next to his ultra-hot wife. In an interview, Barton says that she spends way too much time in front of a mirror getting ready every day, and if she was with a guy who also was into primping it would just be too much to deal with.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler If you’re going to look to television for a male role model who looks and acts like we do, the closest thing you’ll find is probably Turtle from "Entourage." So it was a tremendous shock when former "Sopranos" star and verifiable hottie Jamie-Lynn Sigler was spotted canoodling with Jerry Ferrara, the actor who plays him. Emmy Rossum Lovely actress and singer Emmy Rossum is one of the best things about "Shameless," but when it comes to choosing dudes, she’s more brainless.

You’d think a babe of this magnitude could land any bachelor in Hollywood, but she’s hitched to the totally dweeby Geoffrey Arend, a bit actor who probably had his biggest role in "Super Troopers." What’s the attraction? Courteney Cox The former "Friends" star was married to total idiot David Arquette for many years, which means that her standards are already very low.

But Cox actually went on record in a 2009 interview stating that she only wants to date ugly guys, saying that it would be “really uncomfortable” for her to date someone that looked better than she does.

When you’re famous, you get the pick of the litter.

Male celebrities take glorious advantage of that, bedding models and other hotties left and right.

But for some reason, female stars don’t as much, choosing mates that are a little lower on the sexy scale.

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In this feature, we’ll show you 10 smoking-hot celebrity women who paired up with totally schlubby-looking dudes. Christina Hendricks The pneumatic Hendricks -- probably most famous for filling out the outfits of Joan Harris (nee Holloway) on "Mad Men" -- is bringing sexy back to the '60s and making redheads hot again.

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