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In terms of electronegativity, from what I understand electronegativity increases going across the period, so surely this should mean that zinc less readily loses its outer shell electrons than copper?Zinc has a greater nuclear charge but the outer shell electrons are in the same shell, so should the outer shell electrons in zinc not experience a stronger attraction to the nucleus?By spraying abrasive, the surface structure becomes surface pressure resistant, creating small indents to make it difficult for lubricant to dry up, and making a near no-contact state, reducing the oil temperature and preventing the friction.

I have a feeling that this has something to do with which sub shells the electrons are removed from in copper and zinc...

I am learning about half cells, so it is in this context.

Therefore, it is possible to increase wear resistance and durability of powder metallurgy alloy.

Using this technique for cutting tool made of powder metallurgy alloy, we can obtain the cutting tool having the good wear resistance, durability, and increasing mechanical characteristic such as resistance to chipping.

Zinc loses its valence electrons more readily than copper, and also when zinc is placed into copper sulfate solution it will displace the copper, so is more reactive...


Few movies have remained as culturally relevant as Clueless—which makes its anniversary that much more awe-inspiring. How is that possible when it seemed to have remained in the zeitgeist the length of those two decades.

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