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T1 - amount of time before monster spawns from the portal (only once for battle, notice that there is no "x" before T1).

Each location on global map can contain several stages, that are unlocked as you gather/complete quests or progress further into the story.

Some maps are restricted to specific story lines, while others are Free Maps, which do not have any bearing on the story. You can replay most maps as many times as you want to gather items/resources.

Experience rewarded for fighting is determined by the level difference of the combatants and the base level and exp rewarded of the enemy.

The base stats of enemies can be viewed in the monster information tab in the information screen.

Enemies have a minimum level of the stage level and a maximum level of the stage level +10, there are some exceptions.

The enemy level cap can be removed on a second and subsequent playthroughs.

Maps that are not replayable are those with no global location and those with no home base available.

Each stage has several spots where you can get resources.

This is shown in the table as 0.5 for monsters sharing single portal, 0.25 for monsters sharing 2 portals, 0125 for 3 portal.

Loc1, Loc2 - describe location of portals, for easier identifying (w - west, s - south, c - central, ne - north east).

Gathering spots are shown when they are in a zone of moving of any character, mining spots only shown if they are in a zone of moving of characters that have Mining skill.

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The levels of enemies in stages are the average level of your 5 highest level characters that are not at working at your shop.

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