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Dating a supermodel

She knows that her beauty is like a Silicon Valley IPO that will inevitably crash, so she needs constant reassurance that you value her as a human being, when in actuality you like her just for her incredibly pretty face.They will be constantly late to dates because of the extra time they must spend in the mirror making sure they look perfect.In other words, supply is low while demand is high. She’s going to be so busy that you won’t be able to establish a regular sex schedule.Therefore you will have to accept that she’ll be approached non-stop by other men who are much richer than you, taller than you, and much better looking than you. What’s the point of having a girlfriend if she’s busy traveling the world while you have to jerk off?It will be impossible for you not to feel relationship anxiety in the face of this constant onslaught. The point of dating a girl is so you don’t have to masturbate, but if you enter a relationship with a beautiful model, you may find yourself masturbating more than ever.If you do eventually get a model to settle down with you, your best bet is to move her to a farm where other men can’t tempt her with their overly generous offers of seduction. Why should a model take time to study the Kama Sutra like normal girls when so many men feel blessed merely to see her naked?

They simply never developed the normal mental faculties to do so, because merely existing and coasting by on their beauty was enough.A model is great to look at, but after you have sex with her a couple times, you won’t uncover a secret treasure that makes you like her even more. You’d think that having all that beauty would make models self-confident, but in fact the opposite occurs.Men are wrong in thinking that models would make an ideal life partner. You would be too if everyone responded favorably to you since childhood just because you were genetically beautiful.Not only are models human beings like the rest of us, but they possess serious flaws that make dating them a potentially negative experience. It has never happened in the history of the world that a model said something interesting or impressive.The result is that a model has the absolute worst sex ability out of all other female socio-economic and professional classes.

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It’s pretty close to having sex with a Japanese sex doll, and don’t ask me how I know that.

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