Dating again after infidelity

Dating again after infidelity

Infidelity is a conscious decision that you chose to get involved in. [Read: The right way to confess to cheating on your lover] #3 Let your partner vent, and answer questions when they do. But when he or she lets out the frustration, the anger, the tears and the accusation, try your best to be patient.

After you’ve apologized to your *possibly unreceptive* partner, tell him or her about why you chose to have an affair in the first place. Also, give honest answers to your significant other’s questions, no matter how ashamed you are of what you did.

Try your best not to blame external influences such as alcohol or goading from your friends, either. You’ve kept your partner in the dark during your affair, so it may be his or her way of shedding light on the times when you lied about your whereabouts.

Instead, let your partner in on what was going through your mind to commit such an act of betrayal. The more your partner knows about the sordid details, the less his or her imagination takes over to fill in the blanks and make things seem worse than they actually are. The thing about cheating is that your partner is hurt that you’re lavishing attention on another person when this should have been exclusive between the two of you.

What doesn’t kill your relationship can make it stronger, after all.

Rebuilding trust after straying away Regaining the trust of a broken hearted lover is not easy though, and as hard as you try, it will seem futile and frustrating at times, and you may feel helpless and pained at other times.

Chances are, during the affair, your partner was deprived of your affection. Go the extra mile, woo her with flowers or win him over with breakfast in bed.

But when you see couples that have endured through the rocky phases, and come out stronger than ever, you can still cling to hope and try to make your own romance bloom even after it seems to have withered away.9 ways to rebuild trust after an affair If you want to build trust back into the relationship or marriage, here are the 9 things you should prepare yourself for.[Read: How to end an affair and get over it completely] #2 Admit your mistake.Don’t blame it on the third party and definitely don’t blame it on your partner!For couples that have had to deal with infidelity, there is hope!

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Though many couples choose to end a relationship or even a marriage because of an affair, there are still some who trudge on and end up with a relationship that’s stronger than ever.

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