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Start with walkthrough #1 or #2 this time: Go to the bedroom to put on a swimsuit Wait for her in the hallway Go inside Dance in the living room Pick a Romantic playlist Dip and kiss her neck Change music Pick a Rock playlist Change music Pick a Country playlist Go somewhere else Not only is this an interesting way to get her naked, it is the only way that does not block going for a drive downtown as an option. Taking her shirt or top off while using the telescope will also not block downtown access. Nudity involving the pool, hot tub or couch changes the mood of the date and Ariane won’t want to go anywhere far afterwards.

Here are 24 walkthroughs for Date Ariane if you are completely stuck.

Permalink We need to swim first before meeting Rebecca, So start with walkthrough #5 this time: Have a drink Go inside Go to the bedroom to get dressed (for casual version)or Get dressed and go for a drive (for dress version)Wait for her in the hallway Get in the drivers seat Go downtown Lingerie Store Get past the lingerie puzzle see walk #19 for how Then we see Rebecca Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca Buy the next round of drinks Let them continue to dance There are two versions of what happens depending on how Ariane is dressed.

Go to the backyard Go skinny dipping Grab her boob Just playing (Here is one we haven’t seen yet)Lets swim some more (Another one)Go Inside and Dry Off Go to the convenience store Go however you want Let’s go in the store Pay for the beer and head out Go downtown Go somewhere else Take a shower Follow her in the bathroom The two of you are alone and naked, I’ll let you decide what to do next.

Permalink Again, start with walkthrough #1 or #2, then: We are going to start by a trip to the night club first: Go for a drive Get in the drivers seat Go downtown Go to the nightclub Dance-A new puzzle: prove you are a good dancer by advancing the screen 16 times in as close to perfect rhythm as you can. Cheat: If you turn on “auto” you will get a perfect score. You must do at least once dance move before removing her shirt or skirt5.

Leave the club Now we will meet Rebecca, but this time we cant go to the bar: Lingerie Store-Get past the lingerie puzzle see walk #19 for how-Then we see Rebecca Discuss other options with Rebecca Be adventurous and take a chance You are now at the strip club with Rebecca: Stay and watch Rebecca’s show Wait for Rebecca See if Rebecca can talk her into it Encourage Ariane to dance Note: You can follow the path used in walk #11 except Ariane won’t do the “Live Sex Act” in front of Rebecca. You must do each type of dance at least once (Pole, chair, sexy, touch)2. Once in her underwear, you must do three moves before removing bra, and another three before thong, and another three, with touching being last, before “Live Sex Act” if Rebecca is not there.6.

No dance move can be done more than twice before she gets nude, one more each after that.

If you follow the rules: Invite Rebecca Along Go inside Have a drink Agree to do a show Rules for doing a successful strip act are similar to Ariane, except there are only 3 moves you can do, you still have to do all 3, at least 4, and get down to your underwear to succeed.

The following 24 walkthroughs will cover the vast majority of the content available in Date Ariane. The walkthroughs ONLY provide the choices at the decision menus.

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