Dating brasilien

Dating brasilien

By Ingrid Bauer Below you will find German movie recommendations from our readers of movies that were particularly helpful to them as language learners.

If you want to add a German movie recommendation or a movie review, please comment under German Films, where you will also find other German reviews.(1) Ken Masters says: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage – 2005)The Lives of the Others (Das Leben der Anderen -2006)These are two outstanding films.

It’s a really good movie and also has an interesting message.

To add to that, ‘The counterfeiters’ (Die Fälscher) is a really good German war movie concerning a Nazi plot to counterfeit English and American money and flood the economy with these false notes, bringing it to its knees. Enjoy.(3) Vlasta Veres says: I agree with the already mentioned movie ”Das Leben der Anderen” – a perfect one. The story starts with a simpe high school workshop, where through a game, a teacher explains how fascism works.

Intriquing line: “Ich weiss jetzt, was kein Engel weiss”(5) Walter Ulrich says: Well, maybe not a movie in the conventional meaning, but try the Sunday Movie on German’s ZDF, the Second German TV channel, .

Its every Sunday LIVE stream at 20;15 CET, or EDT, as well as in their Archives for a week.

Yes, they’re chick flicks, romantic themes and all, but mostly gorgeous countrysides displayed, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, etc. While you’re there, check out their regular programming as well, nice series too.

Not to forget, “de” and “de” for you Bavarians, “Dahoam is Dahoam” the only Bavarian daily, with over 900. (6) Apollon says: The last film that i watched is “Drei”, such a good movie.

Then, of course it would be remiss of me to not include ‘Das Boot’. However, you can see how gradually students start getting carried away, and start acting violently towards other groups.

This movie perfectly depicts the psychology of a group, and how humaneness can step away in front of instincts inside us that are frightening.

Definitely a must see.(4) christopher g says:“Himmel uber Berlin” (Wings of Desire) is a film I have seen often; it never fails to challenge and force questions.

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Wonderful direction and script by Wim Wenders, Bruno Ganz communicates with silent gestures more than his words.

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