Dating etiquette for teenage girls

Fancier table settings can include many different forks, knives, and spoons for different courses.

Just remember that the utensil furthest from the plate is for the first course, and moving towards the plate for the later courses.

In Japan, you are supposed to use chopsticks when you eat.

The same guidelines for talking on a regular telephone also apply to cell phone users.

Below are some extra rules for talking on your cell phone.

Back to top When you are talking to someone in person or on the phone, they can see the emotion on your face or hear it in your voice.

When you type something, the person reading it does not know the attitude behind the words on the screen, so it is important to follow these e-mail guidelines.

Always include the following information in an invitation: the type of party (for example, a birthday or surprise party), who the party is for, when & where the party is taking place, and to whom & by when the invitee should RSVP.

When you call up a friend and someone in their family answers the phone, introduce yourself and say: "Hi, this is [insert your name here]. If the caller asks to be called back, make sure you ask for his or her phone number.

Back to top Sometimes, people talking on cell phones forget that they are around other people.

If it is not appropriate to be on your cell phone but you are expecting an important call, set the ringer on low or vibrate and politely excuse yourself when it rings.

Explain that it is an important call, and apologize.

Your parents probably often remind you to say "Please," "Excuse me," and "Thank you," but did you know that there are lots of other social rules that you should be aware of? By far, the most important thing to guide your manners is the "Golden rule": Treat others as you would want to be treated.

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By minding your manners, your friends and other kids will look up to you, and adults will be impressed with your maturity. If the caller asks to speak to someone who is not home, ask if you can take a message or if he or she would like to be called back.

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