Dating hindu muslim sikh site web dating without registration in ukraine

Dating hindu muslim sikh site web

I dont know because she doesnt wear a hijab she doesnt go to jumah and she barely prays. Like if im doing business in a middle east country and they know my wife is muslim believer or not , will there be anything done to me?I don’t know like I find it very unfair that its like that I mean the person who created religion I dont think it was god because god wouldnt have made something that can cause damage within the human race. Im sorry for writing so much its just that it sucks for anyone who has to go through a hard time just to be with someone that makes everything easy.Our Single Solution website has joined the Loveandfriends dating network - giving you the chance to meets 10,000s more single professionals.Your existing Single Solution profile and membership will have been carried over and you can use your existing email and password to login.We both believe god doesnt recognize religion my mom comes from a strict background where they believe in sikhism deeply though she said leave it in gods hand if its meant to be than thats how it is.Her mom is understanding aswell but her father i dont know if it will be okay.

I dont know i speak to all my muslim friends from different countries Iran, morocco , algeria, pakistan, bangladesh. People made religion such a joke , this statement isnt targeting any religion in specific its all religions as a whole. Thank you for your help i hope there is some beneficial advice I can use or reflect on.

-Mike Mike says: June 25, 2015 at am Hey cookiee, the act that you said that made me happy for some reason, because of course the marriage and love is not the hard part.

By admin on June 9th, 2015 Mike says: June 9, 2015 at pm i am a sikh boy dating a muslim girl she is from morocco please update me on your situation maybe i can help from my the guy side perspective 🙂 -Mike Mike says: June 12, 2015 at pm she is just born muslim, and for the koran its complicated we both had a talk about the islamic religion and i told her that there are many things i do find true in that religion there is no doubt about it Im ignorant to things that make sense.

But i also said that my religion talks about that to and that in sikhism all the gurus are not gods they just have sent his message or something of that nature ( shows you how religious i am hahaha) but basically the message is live in unity.

Once again thank you very much I like to hear people are open minded and more importantly open hearted I hope all is going well with your husband 🙂 -Mike Also read: VIDEO: Interfaith Marriage with Equality, Hindu-Muslim Marriage-video, Love-Jihad, Don’t fake-convert, Polygamy and talaak, Akansha unwillingly converted to Nusrat, Hindu-Muslim marriages, Hindu-Muslim lovers’ experiences, Hindu girl-Muslim boy, Idols, pluralism, SRK-can you do it?

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