Dating in the dark hardon

Dating in the dark hardon

Since its initial launch in 2008, CERN researchers in Geneva have been using the 27-kilometer-long particle accelerator to smash protons together at just under the speed of light.

Ever wanted to hold your own in a conversation on particle physics? The amount of particles in each "bunch" or "packet" flying through the LHC will be reduced; however, the rate of collisions will be increased.Since 2013, what's probably the world's most complex machine has been given a significant upgrade.And after the relaunch, it is scheduled to have a potential energy of 13 Teraelectron-Volts (Te V). Initially, the engineers wanted to go as high as 14 Te V, but eventually decided to limit themselves - also to reduce the probability of technical defects and failures.The distance between packets of flying particles will now be extremely short, requiring only 25 nanoseconds to transpire.The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, is again generating particle-collisions at a remodelled particle-accelerator.

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