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Dating permian

According to creation geologists, one model is that the geological timescale actually represents different ecological zones, the buried remains of plants and animals that once lived together in the same environment.

Creationists are often mocked if they change their scientific models (none of which affects the never-changing foundational truth of God’s Word, but rather just our understanding of a typically small aspect—e.g., the now disfavored canopy model), and yet evolutionists change their models and even key aspects of evolution all the time.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the evolutionary model is so plastic, because it’s based off man’s fallible ideas about the past, that it can accommodate virtually anything.

Dicynodon fossils), but this evidence needs to be interpreted and one’s starting point (man’s word or God’s Word) determines one’s conclusions.

Evolutionists begin with the wrong starting point by ignoring God’s Word.

What is today’s fact is destined for tomorrow’s trash bin.

It only takes a quick Google search to see how often evolutionary models change as new fossils are uncovered or new interpretations of research are printed. Scientists try to develop models for Earth’s history based on the observational evidence (i.e.

There are many different stories of what caused the Permian extinction, but it has generally been agreed that this supposed extinction event was devastating to land and aquatic species.

Of course, in dating Dicynodon so confidently, they ignore the unprovable assumptions behind radiometric dating which make it unreliable.6 The team also noticed “traces of land plant and animal species thought to have gone extinct alongside Dicynodon in younger rocks. [instead they] support the idea that the Permian extinction lacked a land component.”7 The conclusions based on this study are not being accepted by many evolutionists and will certainly continue to be researched.Those findings don’t point to a single widespread extinction event that abruptly wiped out land species within a short time span . However, it does highlight the changing nature of evolutionary models for Earth’s history.They claim that their study challenges the idea that there even was a mass terrestrial extinction.Geologist John Geissman of the University of Texas, who was part of the study, says, “We need to rethink the Permian crisis.”5 They base much of their research on the dating of zircons which appear in the same rock layers as Dicynodon in the fossil record.One long-standing evolutionary “tale” is that toward the end of the Permian period (conventionally dated 252–299 million years ago) 90% of marine creatures and 75% of terrestrial organisms were wiped out in the most devastating mass extinction in all of history.1 This supposed mass extinction, sometimes called “The Great Dying,” is said to have happened over the course of 15 million years (or 200,000 years, depending on which evolutionist you ask!

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