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Dating site for anorexics

So over the course of 20 years, 10 percent of people with anorexia are going to die from this.Prolonged starvation can cause a number of medical conditions, including dangerously low blood pressure, severe osteoporosis, damage to the kidneys and liver, and ultimately, heart failure.

Feeling alone and abandoned, she became obsessed with her appearance. And that taught me a lot about how, you know, how not to eat, to lose weight and stuff—the water diet and everything.In this sobering but ultimately hopeful documentary, NOVA examines a disturbing increase in the prevalence of eating disorders, particularly anorexia and bulimia.Meet students, ballet dancers, fashion models, and other young women who are seeking recovery or have conquered their disease.I know I would be thin, and everybody would like me and you know, I wouldn't be having to worry about my weight and all that stuff. So that actually was pretty much what I got from it, you know? After struggling for years with an eating disorder, Karen Carpenter died of heart failure at the age of 32. She's eating all that food, throwing up and she's losing weight." And that night I went into the bathroom and I started.Starving herself for nearly a year, Katey Tracey weighed twenty pounds less than she does today. She had developed anorexia nervosa, the deadliest of all psychiatric disorders.

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I remember always watching gymnastics and figure skating and all of these sports, and having them talk about eating disorders and how thin these gymnasts have to be.

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