Dating when your girlfriend doesnt call

You might feel at this point that your whole world has shattered before your eyes.Everything in your life that gave you feelings of significance, love & connection, made you feel internally happy, and excited about life is all over. The fact is that the pain that you are feeling right now is ACTUALLY real.The only person you felt was complete, honest and truly loved you to the core has broken your heart and then left you alone in pain and sorrow. How can she someone who once use to be with you all the time do this to you? Scientific studies have proven this that breakup pain is an automatic triggered reaction in the same part of our human brain that gets activated during actually physical pain.Also, with that said, the pain that you are going through right now is also extremely common.My pain was so bad that I use to get up in the middle of the night and cry.And I know a lot many people who have had even worse times than I did.I understand that this might be the most painful experiences of your entire life right at this moment. But, I have seen many people go through the some pain again and again.

A lot many people including myself as I have felt, we feel that their love for that special someone was SPECIAL and that, by extension, the pain they feel by losing the person they love, is special as well. Infact, I can bet on this that someone out their in this present world is experiencing the same pain right at this moment apart from you, and that there is someone out their who is going through a breakup pain which is much, MUCH worse than yours RIGHT NOW. Well, that’s because I have been working with heart broken people since a very very long time now…I have so many hundreds of emails and questions over a course of time on a regular basis since past few years since I have been doing this.To be honest, I was very humbled the first time I put things in perspective.The moment, I had the clarity and the understanding about this very common but most likely one of the most excruciating and painful times of our life. Imagine, and feel the excruciating, horrible, uncontrollable, tremendous heartache that you are feeling right now.This same very emotion has been experienced and felt by billions of people on this planet earth.

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Almost, everyone even your parents in some case have gone through this heartache at some point in their lifetime.

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