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Dating workaholic woman

I never considered him a workaholic, though, because he loved being home–and when he had to dictate charts or bring work home he was always really grumpy about it.

He wanted to be away from work; the job just didn’t always allow it.

What good would it have been for me to be angry at him for that?

He owns his own business and regularly works 75-90 hours a week.

We have been married almost 30 years and our kids are almost out of the nest.

I try to open discussions with “I/we want to have you at home more.

I miss time with you”, but it immediately goes to accusations that I don’t understand his work, his stress, the economy etc.

My husband is a good man and I know, in my head if not my heart, that he loves me and his kids, but even as I write this, a voice in my head whispers, “but not enough to cut back his work hours”. She IS married to a workaholic husband, and it’s making her feel so unloved. Here are some general thoughts about workaholism and marriage.

I am tired of pat Christian answers about making my home a sanctuary for him and understanding that work is what God created him to do.

I am angry when I hear other Godly men ask with a laugh, “Still working those crazy hours?

His obsession with work overrides his common sense.

The kids and I staged an intervention (literally) where we said that they would not ride in his car with him if he continued to text and check emails while driving (that has improved a bit since then). I do, but it has left me to be virtually a single parent, and in fact, an angry, disconnected wife.

” instead of calling him on his out of balance life.

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I have considered talking to an elder couple that we are close to in order to have someone else discuss this with him.

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