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Places to make new friends include your workplace, charity organizations, religious services, volunteer work, political rallies, hobby-based groups, such as mountain biking or model-building clubs, and art or dance classes. Choose an activity because you enjoy it on its own merits rather than just because you think it will help you meet women.

If you hang out in libraries and museums solely because someone told you that women like guys who read books or enjoy art, you won't meet women who share your interests.

According to a University of Washington study, says "Men's Health," 75 percent of people get help from their friends when meeting partners and dating.

By expanding your network of friends, both male and female, introductions to a variety of girls will follow.

Meeting someone through a friend also gives you a much better chance to make a good impression than meeting as strangers in a bar.

Be confident, be yourself and focus on meeting people, both men and women, whom you enjoy spending time with, and you may just find a girlfriend.

Studies show that less than 20 percent of surveyed adults met their most recent partner in a bar, according to "Men's Health" magazine.

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Dance classes often have more women than men, but if you hate dancing, take a class on painting or whatever else you enjoy.

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