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Datingin the workplace

“People tend to look at workplace romance as a kind of fluffy topic, but for organizations, they’re taking them more seriously,” said Evren Esen, manager of SHRM’s Survey Research Center.

Moreover, those policies are a lot stricter today than they were in 2005, the last time SHRM conducted its Workplace Romance survey of HR professionals.

Almost half of these policies (45 percent) forbid romances between employees of significantly different rank, a significant jump from 16 percent in 2005.

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“They want to best protect the company from a claim of sexual harassment and ensure there’s no favoritism or conflict, which could hurt productivity and impact morale.” Typically, supervisors or HR professionals hear about them through office gossip, said 67 percent of respondents, or because the couple or their colleagues report the romance to the HR department, said 61 percent.

In 2005, 20 percent of respondents had such policies; in the most recent survey, 42 percent did.

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“More and more companies have implemented policies because they realize they aren’t going to stop people from having romantic relationships,” said Christine Amalfe, an attorney in Gibbons P.

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