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But I believed every word, listening to the waves crash in the darkness; a satiation I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I feel childhood again – you know, what it’s really supposed to be like. Exhaling sighs into my bones, letting fire mix with marrow. “I’m going to make you my wife one day.” It’s so easy to make promises of forever when you are so young. Pick up our photos from Walgreens or Long’s or Costco. The things we could feel with both our hands and our hearts. So I look, knowing even the good times will hurt, too. The cheap kind, because that’s all we could afford.You were terrible for me, but I recall you so beautifully. Ink-stained fingertips and chalkboard sidewalks, bed forts and belly laughs. His fingers pulsed into my skin, and I could feel his heart beat under the blue rivers of his wrist. The smell of his evening shower, and the grizzly needles along his jawline dotting Braille along my shoulder blades." Kim became an advisor and confidante to dozens of men.This eventually led to going out with guys as their wing girl.Having two brothers and playing with neighborhood kids who were mostly boys, she has had a unique position as being both one of the guys and a girl who has dated them.

Sea foam hoping to catch those falling gems, mini treasures to carry out to great depths, probably wished for by lonesome sailors searching for a French kiss or that old topographic map, whichever feels more like home.Now, Kim brings her experience and advice to men everywhere with her first book, .Kim spent her childhood in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.She rides a 1975 Honda CL360, which she blogs about at After a four-year relationship and dates with over one hundred guys, Wing Girl Kim decided to try to solve dating problems.

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Starting by asking her dates, "Can I offer a suggestion?

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