David wygant the dating mastery series are rocsi and terrence from 106 and park dating

How do you tell someone that we teach you how to live more confidently, more decisively, more connected with everything around you? DW is about focusing on yourself because when you focus on your life, on what you want, on being in tune with yourself…with your feelings, with your emotions, with your desires…PUAs are more focused on doing what’s right to get the woman.Every time I came back from hanging out with him, I remember feeling good about myself. When he talks about his struggles, he doesn’t seem bummed about them. Even though you may just have met him, , you’ll end up sharing with him some very personal stories. In return, he’ll share with you his own struggles, what he has learned about women, the insights he got from his own failures with women.You are proud of your past experiences, of your failures, of your achievements.

He walks you around the city and shows you how he talks to people, how he engages them in a conversation. something that you’ll realize later is more powerful than what you could ever learn in a classroom. to work alongside him and answer prospective client’s questions who ask me: so what’s the difference between PUA and David Wygant? How do you describe something that is not clearly defined? But some people are still going to ask me: what’s the difference between PUA and David Wygant’s teachings? from which you can create attraction and social momentum.How do you describe that what we teach is how to live your life more aware of yourself, more aware of your surroundings, more aware of people around you? From that social momentum, you can pick and choose the girls you want to date.Before I met David Wygant, I was pretty well versed in most Pickup Artist teachings. when I finally started hanging out with him, I couldn’t wait to see how his style was similar or different from all the other PUAs I’ve met before! even after hanging out with him a few times, I couldn’t put a finger on what exactly he taught. He starts by asking you where you are from, what do you do, what do you like to do. You’ll end up telling him your hopes, your dreams, your goals, your struggles. If you are lucky, he may even share with you how he lost his virginity.You can only imagine how stoked I was to see the unofficial inspiration for Hitch live his life and interact with people. Unlike what you learn in a bootcamp with a pickup company, David doesn’t teach any specific techniques. Instead, he spends a lot of time talking to you about you… Talking to him feels like you are talking to the older brother you never had… As you talk to him, you’ll notice that there’s a some sort of “bad boy” serenity to the way he carries himself.He acknowledges his down moments but never for a minute do you sense that he feels bad about them. I remember on the first bootcamp I went on with him, I kept on wondering what the agenda of the day was going to be like. You never quite know what the next lesson is going to be about…

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