Debra sandlund dating

Debra sandlund dating

It's bumpy riding for the staff when Leo holds a conference for the parents of sleepless newborns; Eve faces a horde of insolent plastic surgeons with her concerns about undetectable breast cancer, then turns to Leo for comfort; Paul confronts impotence; and Marilyn finds reconciliation with her daughter tough going.Heartbeat, a sophisticated, intelligent drama about a medical clinic that's owned and operated by women, returns for a second season that producer/writer Joe Viola (formely of Cagney & Lacey) promises will consistently "address tough issues." Tonight, Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) wrestles with her conscience when she decides to fight an old friend's malpractice suit and Eve (Laura Johnson) is caught in a moral dilemma when she bristles at a prostitute's request for an abortion. Eve (Laura Johnson) thinks about starting a family, while Cory and Dixon (Lynn Whitfield, Robert Gossett) debate stopping theirs; Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) treats the difficult pregnancy of a middle-aged woman; Leo (Ben Masters) samples a new relationship.Parents need to know that some of this generally family-friendly series' humor may not be appropriate for the very youngest viewers.Sometimes the girls seem too eager to grow up too quickly, and issues like weight gain and envy are discussed by the preteen cast members.

This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.Return: The Women's Medical Arts Clinic hangs out its shingle for a second season as Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) is caught in the middle when her friend's malpractice suit puts the clinic in financial jeopardy, while Eve and Cory (Laura Johnson, Lynn Whitfield) agree to take on a pro bono case. Paul (Darrell Larson) rattles the cages of the prison system in trying to get permission to treat an inmate; Eve (Laura Johnson) has a brush with crime; Joanne and Marilyn (Kate Mulgrew, Gail Strickland) push to get a nurse reinstated. Joanne and Nathan (Kate Mulgrew, Carmen Argenziano) clash over his prescription of shock treatments for a patient with severe post-partum depression; Marilyn (Gail Strickland) has an appendicitis attack; Leo and his brother (Ben Masters, Duncan Gamble) unearth some buried hostilities.A woman's newborn dies of SIDS and Cory's delivery methods are questioned; Joanne eases a woman's fear of menopause; Paul proposes "the M-word"; and Eve takes on the transformation of her overweight niece - with startling results.The complexities of the dating game: Eve keeps disappearing into a room with Sam, the mystery man; Priscilla moves in with her lover, so Paul sets up a date for Stan; and Marilyn's daughter informs her that Marilyn's lover is unwelcome at her wedding.Cory delivers a test-tube baby from a surrogate mother, who decides to fight to keep the child; Joanne and Eve disagree on whether Leo should join the staff; Paul decides it's time for a real relationship; and the staff faces an ethical dilemma when a blood donor tests positive for the AIDS virus.

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An ailing woman pregnant with sextuplets may survive childbirth if four of the fetuses are aborted; Cory resuscitates an abandoned infant and then grows attached to the baby; Stan meets with his wife's lover; and Joanne is dreading a meeting with Leo's kids.

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