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No quarrels, arguments or other misbehaviour are allowed. The dancing of bon-odori is prohibited in all temple grounds.

The lyrics are given in the 'Song' section of this article.

This version of events is supported by the lyrics of the first verse of "Awa Yoshikono Bushi", a local version of a popular folk song which praises Hachisuka Iemasa for giving the people Awa Odori and is quoted in the majority of tourist brochures and websites.

It is unclear whether the song lyrics were written before or after this article appeared. Samurai are forbidden to attend the public celebration.

Some evidence of the festival's history comes from edicts issued by the Tokushima-han feudal administration, such as this one dating from 1671: 1. They may dance on their own premises but must keep the gates shut.

The locals, having consumed a great amount of sake, began to drunkenly weave and stumble back and forth.

Others picked up commonly available musical instruments and began to play a simple, rhythmic song, to which the revelers invented lyrics.

The term "Awa Odori" was not used until the 20th century, but Obon festivities in Tokushima have been famous for their size, exuberance and anarchy since the 16th century.

Awa Odori's independent existence as a huge, city-wide dance party is popularly believed to have begun in 1586 when Lord Hachisuka Iemasa, the daimyo of Awa Province hosted a drunken celebration of the opening of Tokushima Castle.

is held from 12 to 15 August as part of the Obon festival in Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku in Japan.

Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan, attracting over 1.3 million tourists every year.

Awa is the old feudal administration name for Tokushima prefecture, and odori means dance.

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The Awa Odori festival grew out of the tradition of the Bon odori which is danced as part of the Obon "Festival of the Dead", a Japanese Buddhist celebration where the spirits of deceased ancestors are said to visit their living relatives for a few days of the year.

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