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Those who are also addicted to drugs or alcohol have a greatest risk of harming themselves.

Aspergers adults who experience meltdowns are often perceived by others as “always being angry.” Other complications may include job loss, school suspension, divorce, auto accidents, and even incarceration.

Here's how to prepare for an appointment with a professional: There's no one treatment that's best for Aspergers adults who experience meltdowns.

Under severe enough stress, any normally calm and collected individual may become “out-of-control” – even to the point of violence.

But some individuals experience repeated meltdowns in which tension mounts until there is an explosive release.

The adult version of a meltdown may include any of the following (just to name a few): On the mild end of the continuum, the adult in meltdown may simply say some things that are overly critical and disrespectful, thus ultimately destroying the relationship with the other party (or parties) in many cases.

On the more extreme end of the continuum, the adult in meltdown may attack others and their possessions, causing bodily injury and property damage.

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Treatment generally includes medication and individual or group therapy.

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