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Note that some words below are only listed so you know what they mean in case you hear them, but we do not recommend their use. Aussie - resident of Australia, Australia itself or to describe something as Australian: the Aussie barbie. Aussie ankle biter playing in the arvo Abo - Aborigine. Billy - large tin can used to boil water over a campfire for tea. Blast from the past - when you unexpectedly get a phonecall from an ex-lover you have not heard from for ages. Blind mullett - turd, what you find floating in the ocean near a sewerage outfall. Bush, which has become internationally popular, and not without reason.) Bushie - someone who lives in the bush. Bushtucker - food gathered from nature, in the outback. Some Aborigines refer to people as blackfellas and whitefellas, while they use these words it is not usually appreciated if white people use these terms, so avoid the use of this one. ( More recently this term has also started to mean critisizing the US president George W. Ned Kelly.) Bush telegraph - 'grapevine', word-of-mouth. This cobber has carked it after too many ciggies and coldies Cab Sav - Cabernet Sauvignon wine Cabbie - taxi driver Cackleberry - an egg. Bizzo - business Blackfella - another word for Aborigine. Bush bashing - four wheel driving, off roading, driving where there are no roads. Bundy - short for Bundaberg in Queensland, and for the rum that is made there. Bunyip - mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry Burl - attempt, try.

In a country full of ambos, avos, garbos, milkos, lilos, journos, biros, musos, servos, salvos, regos, thingos and preggo sheilas, it is a somewhat understandable abbreviation but be aware that it is an offensive word and we do not encourage its use, but at least now you know what it means if you hear it. In most of Australia the language spoken is Australian, which is quite similar to English. Beer O'Clock - Time for a beer Bender - prolonged heavy drinking session. If you already speak English you'll probably pick it up fairly quickly. Barrack - to cheer on (football team etc.) In other countries the equivalent is 'rooting' for your team, do not say this in Australia or people will think you're a bit strange, as rooting in Australia means having sex! Blue - fight ("they were having a bit of a blue ") / make a mistake. Only bullbars on road trains actually protect against bulls. Bull bar - strong steel bar or frame fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it from the impact of hitting kangaroos.

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Bog - mud (cars that get stuck in the mud are 'bogged') - bog is also filler that you use to hide dents and scratches on your car or gyprock walls. Bogan - scary member of the underclass who wears a black t-shirt, a mullett hairdo and drives a V-8 Bondi cigar - floating turd, this term dates back from times before Sydney improved its sewerage management. Bugger all - F#*k all, Sweet FA, not much, very little.

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    In case of repeat offenses, the maximum punishment term shall be applied.

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    Law enforcement has to keep up with the changes in technology to stay on top of it – and the parents do also.

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    If you are already paying us for an alternative dial-up or broadband service which has a different username than the one associated to your free webspace then please contact us on 08 or email us at [email protected] the details.

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