Facebook marketplace not updating Europe sexchat online

Facebook marketplace not updating

The only thing I hate is lack of integration with messenger app as reading messages in messenger does not clear them from the main app. Inappropriate ads keep showing up, unwanted ads appear. Improve Facebook and I suggest you try new different way help people change new password example number or color or questions security or something for protection because I hear that they're complaining and tired of keeps hackers and keeps changes password too much problem I like this app for facebook, finally. I have easier to post photos, it's doesn't hang up when I open it , and certain ads don't make it freeze. With this most recent update I had deleted the app temporarily for storage (along with many other apps).

I also do not like the apparent random resetting of viewing options requiring my constant attention. Crashes after I click on links and always if I want to view a video. I used to actually use a third party app to read my facebook stream because this app was so bad. I haven't been able to reinstall it because it doesn't have the option to pull it off the cloud and acts as if the app is still on my phone, however it's no where to be found on my phone.

I can then click any other notification and go into any of the other ones but the one that got highlighted just stays highlighted and will not let me click into it!

So annoying I have never liked the philosophy of Facebook management nor loved the app but it is functional, seems to load fast and meets my needs. Was supposed to improve speed..slowed everything down and that's if the app opens.

I'll be in the middle of a post, or commenting on something and then with no warning it just goes straight to my home screen!

I have to go back into the Facebook app and then try and find where I was or start all over! I've also been noticing at times when I go to my notification and I go to click on one of them it just highlights it but doesn't click into it!

That being said I guess I can't rave negatives like other reviewers because I have never really understood much of logic behind FB since day one! Hangs every day, nearly every time I try to use it. I'm getting fairly frustrated because this is the only app I have had this problem with everything else downloaded on my phone again, but I can't seem to get Facebook again. Facebook seems to pride themselves on running updates to their app every 2 weeks but I feel as though I have yet to see the benefits for anything useful.

Why do I get emails letting me know when some friends have posted?

And the maddening latest development, why when I get one of those emails are they not linked to my app?

Facebook is making everything more difficult rather than easier.

I love Facebook but lately I've noticed that it's been just randomly kicking me off in the middle of em doing something!

Why do I sometimes receive posts 12+ hours after they were written?

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Why do all my friends have to know if I comment or react in any way to a friend's post?

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