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Father phenotype in female dating preferences

Neither FA nor facial attractiveness in either sex correlated with MHC dissimilarity to others, MHC heterozygosity, or MHC allelic rarity.The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a highly polymorphic gene complex (in humans often referred to as human leukocyte antigens, HLA genes), that encodes cell-surface receptors that play a critical role in the initiation of most immune responses.Previous research indicates that the scent of developmental stability (low fluctuating asymmetry, FA) is attractive to women who are fertile (at high-conception risk points in their menstrual cycles), but not to other women or men.Prior research also indicates that the scent of dissimilarity in major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes may play a role in human mate choice.By binding and presenting peptides derived from either endogenous or foreign proteins, the MHC plays a central role in the discrimination of self from non-self, thereby regulating recognition of infectious diseases.We repeated previous results from studies of the scent of symmetry.We repeated previous results from MHC research in part; men, but not women, showed a preference for t-shirts with the scent of MHC dissimilarity.Men also preferred the scent of women at fertile cycle points.

Women's scent ratings of t-shirts were uncorrelated with the wearer's MHC dissimilarity and allele frequency, but positively correlated with the wearer's MHC heterozygosity.Fertile women did not exhibit any MHC trait preferences.We studied the scent attractiveness to the opposite sex of t-shirts worn for 2 nights' sleep.Our results indicate that the two olfactory systems are independent.Women's preference for the scent of men who were heterozygous for MHC alleles may be stronger in women who are at infertile cycle points.

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Men preferred the scent of common MHC alleles, which may function to avoid mates with rare alleles that exhibit gestational drive.

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