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We haven't met up again yet, but he keeps suggesting it — I don't think I can hold out for long.

I don't really want an affair, but I feel desperate at the thought of losing this excitement and returning to my dull life. You say you don’t want a love affair, but to all intents and ­purposes, you have already embarked upon one.

I love my husband and family, but I haven't worked since I married and often feel profoundly bored, as if life is passing me by. A couple of months ago, I got talking to a charming man who sat down beside me in the coffee shop at John Lewis.

We exchanged mobile numbers and since then we've been texting each other regularly. I don't really fancy this man, but I’m thrilled by the passion of our exchanges.

True, it may not be the fatal body blow that full-blown physical ­adultery inflicts, but that’s no ­reason to deceive yourself about the capacity this correspondence has to destroy your family.

One moment’s carelessness with your phone could mean a lifetime’s misery.

What is clear, however, is that you’re far more taken with the romantic, flirtatious side of this relationship than the potential physical release, if you proceed towards a full-blown affair.You are not unusual in craving a ­little excitement, and many women will have had similar impulses. Practically every woman I know in a lengthy relationship has had a similar wobble, even if it’s only exchanging a couple of emails with their first love on Friends Reunited.One long married friend was left hyperventilating in ecstasy after a stranger at a party sent her two naughty emails, even though — as she freely admitted — he was the plainest man she had ever met.‘It took every last inch of ­resolution not to reply, even though I have no ­intention of going to bed with him,’ she said.Don’t delude yourself: most spouses believe sending a ­passionate, ­suggestive text to someone else is tantamount to ­infidelity.

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You have only to remember Tess Daly’s stricken face when it was revealed her husband Vernon Kay had been ‘sexting’ another woman to know how ­seriously such actions are taken by the betrayed spouse.

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