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But, as Armisen suggests, it’s a compulsion, one for which he is seeking help. Natasha continued: 'The last time we were all [at Sundance] it felt like we were young actresses.Now, I feel like we've grown up and have a lot going on behind the scenes, which feels pretty great I have to say' Last time me n @mrclea were at Sundance together.I’m not a huge fan of Armisen, and I’m not particularly interested in his life (though, it was fascinating to learn that he was a drummer for Blue Man Group for two years). But I am interested in his relationship with Elisabeth Moss, with whom he was briefly married, a marriage that Moss has called “extremely traumatic and awful and horrible.” I didn’t expect that Marc Maron would actually press him on that, but he did, and in the ensuing conversation, I got more than I bargained for. He liked the idea of it, and the excitement, but once that wore off, he realized that there was an actual person behind the idea, and that’s basically when he bailed. He doesn’t come right out and say it, but basically he has a pattern of escaping relationships by sleeping with other people and forcing his partners to boot him. #butimacheerleader sorry in advance if I put up a bunch of shots- already feeling sentimental that I get to be here w Clea& @chloessevigny.

Armisen basically admitted to intimacy issues, to a problem with sex addiction. It’s a fascinating conversation, and it’s not going to translate well into print, because in print it’s going to make Armisen sound far more callous than he actually sounded on the podcast. At how little true work I would put into something. So, if you’re truly interested in why that short-lived marriage fell apart in under a year, I suggest you listen (the conversation picks up during the last 15 minutes of the podcast and runs for most of the rest of it). The gist of it is this: Armisen got caught up in the fantasy of being with an actress from Mad Men and all the romantic notions about it. Basically, that’s what happened here: The romantic idea of the relationship wore off, and he woke up one morning with the urge to find that excitement elsewhere.

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You can imagine why that might be “extremely traumatic and awful and horrible” for Moss, who had only been married to Armisen for about eight months before he was sleeping with other people.

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