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Considering the launch window is only three years away, though, it's surprising no work appears to have yet started on any aspect of it To think that Mars One can just appear out of nowhere and send humans to Mars without conducting any such research is rather foolish.It certainly doesn't bode well for the first crew, if they did land there in 2025.'You have to applaud the ambition, but sadly the whole project feels very much like wing-and-a-prayer stuff when you start to look into the details,' said Giles Sparrow, author of Mars: A New View of the Red Planet.'They say they can put a first crew on Mars for billion [£3.9 billion], which is a shoestring budget compared to the Apollo program which cost billion [£16.2 billion] - and that was in 1960s money!Who will build these habitats is not quite clear, although they appear to bear some similarity to Space X's proposed Red Dragon capsule - again, only a concept.And Space X have not confirmed their involvement in the mission Esa has been busy testing a prototype of its Exo Mars rover, pictured here, which will be sent to Mars in 2018 - the same year Mars One plans to send their first lander there.

There’s no information on how the crew will pass through the atmosphere and land on the surface, though.

'The reason they say they can do it so cheaply is by using existing technology, but a lot of that technology isn't really there yet, and they're relying on it advancing enough on its own in the next decade so that they can just order it off the shelf when they need it.'And even if they can do it for billion, where does that money come from?

So far as I can tell the bulk of the funding is supposed to come from advertising and reality TV deals, which sounds unlikely to me.' Shown is another fanciful concept image from Mars One, with habitats and a rover in the background.

Or even what will taken them, how it will work, who will build it and so on.

Mars One, on the other hand, have shown no signs of development, no testing, absolutely nothing to suggest they are anywhere close to even building a demonstration vehicle on Earth - let alone a fully-fledged manned capsule.

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Shown is an illustration of Nasa's Space Launch System rocket, a huge launcher that will become the cornerstone of Nasa's efforts to get to the red planet.

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